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NO.1 Smartwatch Annual product plan

Recently, many people are very concerned about NO.1 smartwatch product plan. When will the D7 release? How about the D8, 4G smartwatch? Can you tell me more information? Such comments we receive every day. Thanks for your concern. I feel like it is time to tell you NO.1’s plan. So we have a meeting about the annual product plan. We sorted out all products released order and some parameters which I think it’s important. D7.  You may have heard of this watch. D7 is mtk 6572 dual-core Android smartwatch with 500 mAh big battery capacity. It has about 5 days standby time, what’s more the new watch OS–Fun OS has many important improvement. D7 also has an unique feature–NFC Electronic Access Control, you can use this to unlock your door without keys or password. G8. G8 is a MTK2502 dual mode watch. It supports sim card, you can also use it for your phone’s companion device. This watch has three modes, phone mode, watch mode and the bracelet mode, which can suit for different usages, so that you can manage your watch battery to make it more durable. This watch can also sync the weather, altitude such parameters, but the most important thing is that G8 both supports heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. G9. G9 is a MTK2503 sport watch. What’s new with MTK2503? You may read my previous introduction. G9 is IP68 waterproof also it supports the MTK 2503 feature, the GPS Trajectory record, health data synchronization, power saving.

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NO.1 S9 firmware

Version A  : English, Simplified Chinese (default) Version B  : English (default), German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, SA_ Portugal, Russian, Turkish Version C : English (default), Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Thai. Version D: English (default), Czech, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Dutch, Romanian. Version E: English (default), Korean. Version F: English (default), Traditional Chinese Version G: English (default), Arabic Please use this new tool to flash new firmware : New watchface firmware : Version B And you can download the drivers here : How to update your watch with the latest firmware? You can read my previous post. Website: Google+: Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: VK:

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What D7 can do with the Funfit?

  Do you read my previous post about what’s new with D7? Today I want to take you in depth, let’s have a look what D7 can do with the new companion app Funfit. Enable Bluetooth on both your devices. Take D7, swipe from the top, click the QR code. Open the Funfit, go to Helper –> Connected Watch. Click the Scan it. Scan the QR code and then the two devices will be paired up automatically. Wifi Assist, go to the Helper–> Wifi, scan the available wifi/hot spot, click it, enter your password. And then the watch would connect automatically. Input Assist, Click into Input field, go to the Helper–> Input Assist, enter the phone input mode. Now you can type anything you want in  your phone and then click the send button, send it to your watch.  

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NO.1 Android Smart watch D7, standby time 5 days

Through the concept of the stage, experienced a decorative period. In the people still marvel at the beautiful appearance of Samsung Gear S3, 2017 Nuo Jiayuan NO.1 has opened the prelude to pragmatism. They guide you to really into the scene application, the latest one Android smart watch NO.1 D7 appear in our field of vision. What is the difference? As far as I know, NO.1 D7 with 1.3 inch IPS fashion round screen design. Case made of 316L stainless steel carefully crafted. This is more durable than ordinary case. Its appearance with a unique Rolex Oyster triangle pendants, create a classic watch design style. Fusion Italian sheepskin strap, even more fashionable and high-end. Smart watches have become a major concern in the mobile industry. But until now, they still can not meet the needs of consumers. The main reason is that smart watches are unspeakable for battery performance. On the smart watch, NO.1 is one of the most stable companies. Because NO.1 continue to develop smart watches and expand domestic and foreign markets. The most striking is the ability to operate independently of the all-intelligent Android watch. Recently out of the NO.1 D7, more attractive to more consumer attention. Because NO.1 commitment D7 has 5 days of standby time. This is before D5, D6 double standby, this improvement is really quite attractive. In order to achieve this, NO.1 D7 equipped with a super-power dual-core chip and Android system. RAM 1G and ROM 8G memory just right, the successful implementation

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What’s new with NO.1 D7

What’s new with D7? NO.1 what progress has made in this new model? D7 is MT6572, dual core Android 4.4 smartwatch. Dual core? Why NO.1 don’t upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for NO.1 to make a quad core Android smartwatch?No, absolutely not.   NO.1 did some research in the well-known brand, such as Apple watch, Samsung Gear wear, etc. We bought several watches for testing and we have found that both of these two brand use dual core in their products. Dual core means low working frequency and power-saving. It avoids the SoC overheating and unnecessary battery life draining. That’s why Gear S3 can use two days or more. D7 is dual core, it is supposed to have five days standby time. Twice times longer than D5+ standby time. You don’t need to charge it everyday. D7 uses a 316L steel frame with unique Oyster type triangle pits, which is the first attempt of Android watch.   As any other Android watches, D7 supports Google maps, but D7 has built-in compass, with the compass and altitude, GPS navigation will be more accurate.   What’s more, the Tracker feature can record the steps, equals, distances. D7 supports sports activities synchronization, you can share your daily activities with your friends. You can also use the second-generation heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.   D7 has a big storage 1G RAM and 8G ROM. It supports variety of apps and of course watch face. And anything special in D7?   Yeah, D7

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How to use Pure NFC app with NO.1 S9 Electronic Business card function?

As you know, NO.1 S9 supports NFC feature and this feature is used for Electronic Business card. But how to make it work? Here I want to make a short tutorial about how to use Pure NFC app with NO.1 S9 NFC Electronic Business card function. 1) Download Pure NFC app on your phone. 2) Open this app and enable NFC feature on your phone. 3)  Click the contacts button to import the contact, select your contact name and then choose the options you need. 4) Click the Tag button, then a message will show up. ‘your information is ready to send to the NFC tag’. 5) Put your S9 near the back cover of your phone, when you hear a sound from your phone, that means you have sent your information to s9 successfully. 6) Shut off this app and you’ll get your Electronic Business card whenever you put S9 near to the NFC phone. Hope this tutorial helps you. You can also use this method to write your information to your Electronic Business card. You can download the app here. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:

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NO.1’S Pro Plans to Dominate 2017

Happy Chinese new year. The new year is now in full swing. You smartwatch enthusiasts may be interested in the trend of the smart watch industry. You may heard that the decrease of wearable market in 2016. You may also heard that Pebble company has been acquired by Fitbit, Motolora is not planning to make a new Moto 360 smartwatch anytime, etc. They said that the smartwatch marketing is dying. You can also see from the reduction in sales of smartwatch. So what can we expect for NO.1 Smartwatch?Is smartwatch really dying? No! I can’t deny the decrease of the smartwatch market, but you should realize that smartwatch is a high-end technical product, not every one can afford it. You can also see from the Apple, Samsung, Tag Heuer, Casio, Huawei, etc their plans for 2017. Apple watch 3 the rotating bezel, Samsung Gear S4, Tag Heuer and Casio’s Android Wear. Fitbit’s CEO has confirmed that they are planning for the smartwatch.  Every well-known brands all focus on the Android Wear 2.0. They are all ready to compete the 2017  dominance. Even Google and HTC these well-known smartphone manufactures are going to launch the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. So what we can expect for NO.1 Smartwatch? NO.1 has released over ten models of smartwatch. All these watches can be divided  to two. Tethering watch and standalone watch phone. Last year, Android watch has an important update. Now the round screen has a chance to change to square format. And about the mtk2502 watch we have

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