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How to use wallpaper as a watch face in D5+

Did you find the trick to use a wallpaper as a watch face? Maybe you all focus on the change to square format setting and ignore other very useful update. Here I want to introduce how to use wallpaper as a watch face in D5+ since last update. Go to settings –> clock settings –> wallpaper clock. Then you need to choose a picture as the wallpaper. (You can upload the picture to the watch) Click OK, then go back to the watch face. You can find the chosen wallpaper in your watch face. Here I make a example. Hope you like the new feature. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:

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New version in NO.1 D5+

As the development of smartwatch, we have updated the DDR in NO.1 D5+. DDR2 to DDR3, it’s a storage update, so the old firmware can’t use in the new D5+. And how to distinguish between the two versions? Here I want to share a easy way to check the version of your watch. Open the dialpad, type the codes *#4321#* on it. Then you would get your version of your watch. Here is a comparison of the two version. The old SoC is W612_WGL_W_S_D5_COMMON, and the new one in the right picture is W613_WGL_W_S_D5_DDR3_COMMON. You can’t flash the W612 firmware in W613 D5+. Their firmware is not universal! Please check your D5+ version, before you flash the firmware. And download the right firmware in NO.1 website download page. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:

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A significant OTA update in NO.1 D5+ Android watch

How to change to square format in NO.1 D5+? No,there is no such settings. We received many comments about this question and probably we’ll say no. Although we all want to make it more user friendly, but for some limitation,we can’t solve it. But now the answer is yes, you can change it to square format since the 12.26 OTA update! Download the firmware and update it. The current version is 161226. Then go to settings–>Display–>Interface Style, there are two options Normal display and Zoom display. The Zoom display can change the third party app interface style to a square format. Select the Zoom display, then open an app you installed. You would get a square display. Update: We have uploaded this firmware to the NO.1 website, you can download it here. Thanks for reading, hope this update makes this watch easier to operate. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:  

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Warning: Do not accept OTA update on Android watch– New OTA has solved this issue.

Recently, we received many complaints about OTA update. This OTA probably would disable the Google Play or delete IMEI numbers. We contact our engineer as soon as we received feedback of issue. Please be patient, we are working on this issue. So, if you haven’t accepted the OTA update,please DO NOT ACCEPT it. If you have updated it. Here is a method to solve this issue.(provide by a D5+ users,Thanks) You should install the Google Play Services on your watch. How to install apps without Google Play?You could download Google Play Services on your phone, then transfer the .apk file to your watch, open it to install. This is direct link to download .apk file, thanks for the provider. If this solution could not work for you. Here is another solution. Make a factory reset and download settings search apk via pc and install it to your watch. Add google account through add account in setting search. Then you can log  in google playstore without a hitch. This is provide by a xda member,big thanks to him. And how to write IMEI number, you could read my previous post here. How to write IMEI on NO.1 Smartwatch Sorry for the inconvenience. We will provide a new OTA update to solve this issue as soon as possible.Thanks. Good news! New OTA has been released on D5+,D6. We have solved this issue in the new OTA update. If you still can’t solve it,please accept the new OTA update. It solves the Google Play

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Ten best APPs for NO.1 Android smartwatch

Hi,as the popularity of smartwatch,which app is much compatible for your watch become a  common question for we users. And what is the best app for our NO.1 Android watch?You may ask ‘could I install the Android Wear apps?’.No,unfortunately. But luckily,most users have tested apps on their watches again and again and finally they gave out several much compatible apps for our NO.1 smartwatch.With their generous sharing,here I want to introduce ten best apps for NO.1 Android watch. 1)Best battery app,GSam Battery Monitor. It could show you what is draining your device battery life.Then you could identify which ones are causing the problem.Just take steps to make that app stop being such a drain on your battery. 2)Settings search. Saving your time on searching settings. 3)Floating Toucher Just like the IPhone’s floating toucher but far more customizable. 4)GPS Data With GPS Data you can check signal quality, test gps module.Position, satellites, gps signal strength! 5)TeamViewer Host Remote control,control your watch via computer.Hidden buttons,invisible corner all could see on your pc. 6)Cardiograph A measure of heart rate app,uses your device’s built-in camera or sensor to calculate your heart rate.You can save your results ,for multi-users,you can create a personal file. 7)Wi-Fi File Transfer Let you upload and download files to/from your devices over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed. 8)M2D Receiver Best app for companion mode(Watch Helper is also a good app 😉 )You have to install the M2D sender on your

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Wearable industry “can change”?

According to foreign media PhoneArena reports, recently broke the news of God Evan Blass in Twitter released on Google smart watch news. These two watches with round dial design, is expected to be officially open in the first quarter of next year. This watch is powered by Android Wear 2.0. These two intelligent watch internal code-named Angelfish and Swordfish. The large-size version of the former integrated LTE and GPS functions. The latter is the main cost – effective. In May this year, Samsung officially announced that it no longer produces Android Wear smart watches, and Google in the field of smart device wear has been the end of cooperation. Samsung said in the field of intelligent wear equipment will vigorously promote their own Tizen operating system, compared to Android Wear power consumption will be even better. Gear S smart watch biggest selling point is that you can directly call and send e-mail. As we all know, Google did not enter the Chinese market. So the application of Google can not be used in the Chinese market. In this case the use of Android wear system products in the Chinese market will be difficult to obtain the perfect experience. Well, the problem is coming. What is experience if you have an Android system smart watch ? No.1 is the only Chinese manufacturer that delivers complete smartwatches with a real OS instead of the Java ones found on cheap devices. The new No.1 D5+ that features Android 5.1. D5+ gets upgrades in the processor department, where the original MT6572 is replaced by the more powerful quad-core

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How about add custom watch faces of NO.1 D5+ Smart watch?

If there’s one thing I love about the possibility of wearables, it’s swapping in new watch faces. While many companies either prevent users from making custom watch faces or require some decent coding skills, NO.1 Android smart watch has a few workarounds—and that is awesome. While the out-of-box experience might be good enough today, over time you may want more. Thankfully, there’s already a massive collection of custom watch faces out there, vying for your attention. But of course every procedure in changing the clock skin comes without issues, so always make it sure that you read and have a back up plan to restore your watch in its factory set-up before setting up a custom clock skin. At first, you need to download in your smart watch. Now we will share the watch faces of NO.1 D5+ Smart watch as below. More custom watch face, you can concerned about our Facebook. (1) ClockSkin01: (2) ClockSkin02: (3) ClockSkin03: (4) ClockSkin04: (5) ClockSkin05:   (6) ClockSkin06: HOW INSTALL CUSTOM CLOCK SKINS: (source XDA) 1.Connect watch to Windows/Mac/Linux 2.Enable USB Storage on watch 3.Create a folder called “ClockSkin” on the SDCard/Storage 4.Drag and drop any new face folder into “ClockSkin” folder on SDCard/Storage 5.Disconnect watch and select the new face No adb, no special drivers, no scripts, no programs. Just drag and drop. Shared by developers at:   ———————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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D5/D5+ loading stand

Hi,It’s time to bring you something interesting.I have read something about LG smartwatch charging base.It makes charging more stable. Maybe you are wondering  if there is a model for NO.1 products.The answer is yes. Here,I want to introduce you this charging model.It is a 3D printing hub,made for D5/D5+. This one is made by a D5 user. You have to mount the usb cable yourself and glue the two parts together. It is available If you find any interesting keep in feedback. contact us:

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NO.1 Brand All Smart watch at Blowout prices!

Maybe you still worry about NO.1 brand smart watches where to buy more affordable. NO.1 solve your problems with our partner online shop Dealextreme. All Smart watches at Blowout prices! ^_^ Which some products are doing marketing it? We can take a look at some products of NO.1. NO.1 D3 1.22-inch MTK6261 Sleep Monitor Camera Smart Watch – Black NO.1 G3 SIM/TF Card Supported Smart Watch Phone w/ 1.3″ IPS – Black NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 Smartwatch Phone w/ 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM – Silver NO.1 S3 Smart Watch Phone w/ 1.22″ IPS, Heart Rate Monitor – Black NO.1 S5 MTK6261A 1.2 Inch Round Screen Steel Strap Smart Watch – Black NO.1 SUN S2 1.22″ IPS Bluetooth Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate – Silver No.1 G2 MTK2502 1.54″ Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate, Pedometer, Camera – Silver No.1 D5 Android 4.4 MTK6572 Smart Watch with Wi-Fi, GPS – Silver NO.1 D2 Diamond BT V4.0 Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate – White + Rose Gold NO.1 A10 Smart Watch Support IOS / Android w/ 1.22″ IPS – Blue + Black All of the above products has a corresponding discount. Perhaps you feel that is not enough. Don’t worry. You also can grab the chance for big discounts on Dealextreme. Beacuse it has 10pcs half-price NO.1 G5& NO.1 G4 Smart watch. How to get it for you? Please see the rules. (1) Buy a Black G5 / Black G4 smartwatch during this campaign for a chance to get a big discount of up to 37% OFF. (2) After the 10

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NO.1 D5+ Best smart watch connect Bluetooth earphone

Able to enter the mainland market Android Wear watch much, but does not mean that smart watches in mainland China stagnated. Because a lot of brand momentum introduced a wide range of smart watches. No.1 recently released a new smart watch D5 +. Although not use Android Wear, but the use of Android 5.1 system and provide 3G connection. No.1 D5+ sheet metal body with leather belts, with IP65 waterproof certification. Full circular screen with resolution of 360 x 360, built MediaTek MTK6580 processor, 1G RAM, 8G storage and 450mAh battery. In addition to mobile phone connection via Bluetooth connection, you can also put in SIM card and 3G Internet access. Using Android 5.1 system D5 + smart watch can receive and make calls, send and receive SMS messages. It also has to detect heart rate, pedometer, barometer and other health functions. NO. 1 D5+ best smart watch phone built-in alarm, the weather, a variety of surface replacement, health data synchronization. Relatively than the previous NO.1 D5 smart watch, NO.1 D5 + smart watch with some extra features. Such as it can connect the Bluetooth earphone. Look at the video of this features. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Website: Facebook: YouTube:  

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