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Clash of Clans on NO.1 D6

What could a smartwatch do? Notifications, calls, fitness track, etc. How about games on a smartwatch? Today I would show you how to play my favorite game COC on D6. You may think I’m crazy to play games on such a tiny screen. But after my introduction you may think different. Although I usually play this game on my phone, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to take phone out of pocket to play with it. So, one day I have a thought, is it possible to play COC on a watch? Once I have this thought I could not stop trying. So I installed this game on D6. Enter the game. I would check my guard shield first. Any time, my first thought is to protect my resources. I just want to make a perfect defense. I would type army names in the request and send it. If my village was attacked, I can also reset all traps and defensive building in this tiny screen. Then I would click all the collector to gain all my daily collection. (especially recently the Christmas activity, I speed up my collector) I would also check the workers if a worker breaks, I can make it work once I find it. I can make full use of the workers’ time. Just found there is a new Christmas tree in my village. haha I also check the Research Laboratory. How long should I wait for the next upgrade, so I could prepare enough elixir for the upgrade. Troops training is also

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Warning: Do not accept OTA update on Android watch– New OTA has solved this issue.

Recently, we received many complaints about OTA update. This OTA probably would disable the Google Play or delete IMEI numbers. We contact our engineer as soon as we received feedback of issue. Please be patient, we are working on this issue. So, if you haven’t accepted the OTA update,please DO NOT ACCEPT it. If you have updated it. Here is a method to solve this issue.(provide by a D5+ users,Thanks) You should install the Google Play Services on your watch. How to install apps without Google Play?You could download Google Play Services on your phone, then transfer the .apk file to your watch, open it to install. This is direct link to download .apk file, thanks for the provider. If this solution could not work for you. Here is another solution. Make a factory reset and download settings search apk via pc and install it to your watch. Add google account through add account in setting search. Then you can log  in google playstore without a hitch. This is provide by a xda member,big thanks to him. And how to write IMEI number, you could read my previous post here. How to write IMEI on NO.1 Smartwatch Sorry for the inconvenience. We will provide a new OTA update to solve this issue as soon as possible.Thanks. Good news! New OTA has been released on D5+,D6. We have solved this issue in the new OTA update. If you still can’t solve it,please accept the new OTA update. It solves the Google Play

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NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 Smart watch Christmas Feedback!

These days, it seems like every company is making a smartwatch. But not every smartwatch is running on Android Wear – Google’s version of Android for your wrist. In fact, there are many smartwatches out there running another operating system like Tizen, or even a full build of Android. That’s exactly what the No. 1 D6 smartwatch is running. It’s a full version of Android 5.1 system. For customers who already have NO.1 D6, we are making a Christmas feedback. We can see a lot of customer questions, ideas, praise, etc. in our Facebook, Google +, forums and so on. In order to give back NO.1 D6 loyal users, we are holding Contest in our Facebook now.          Here is the details of this contest as below. We know that you are all very creative. In order to let D6 smart watch more useful, more convenient and more attractive. You install useful APPs, Launchers and dials. Please share your ideas and win our gifts! How to: 1. Share your dials. 2. Share your useful APP. 3. If your UI(watch face) is not the original Launcher, please share the UI of your Launcher. ( PS: Choose one to share on it, we will select the winners by voting.) By the way, you also can leave some comments or suggestions for our NO.1 D6 below. Or you would like to get any prizes, you can leave a message below. Prizes: Christmas gifts 20pcs, NO.1 D6 Accessories ( Back cover, Charging

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Ten best APPs for NO.1 Android smartwatch

Hi,as the popularity of smartwatch,which app is much compatible for your watch become a  common question for we users. And what is the best app for our NO.1 Android watch?You may ask ‘could I install the Android Wear apps?’.No,unfortunately. But luckily,most users have tested apps on their watches again and again and finally they gave out several much compatible apps for our NO.1 smartwatch.With their generous sharing,here I want to introduce ten best apps for NO.1 Android watch. 1)Best battery app,GSam Battery Monitor. It could show you what is draining your device battery life.Then you could identify which ones are causing the problem.Just take steps to make that app stop being such a drain on your battery. 2)Settings search. Saving your time on searching settings. 3)Floating Toucher Just like the IPhone’s floating toucher but far more customizable. 4)GPS Data With GPS Data you can check signal quality, test gps module.Position, satellites, gps signal strength! 5)TeamViewer Host Remote control,control your watch via computer.Hidden buttons,invisible corner all could see on your pc. 6)Cardiograph A measure of heart rate app,uses your device’s built-in camera or sensor to calculate your heart rate.You can save your results ,for multi-users,you can create a personal file. 7)Wi-Fi File Transfer Let you upload and download files to/from your devices over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed. 8)M2D Receiver Best app for companion mode(Watch Helper is also a good app 😉 )You have to install the M2D sender on your

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NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 system Smart watch has low price on Tinydeal

NO.1 D6 has begun selling some time. After this date, we have received praise and suggestions of some customers. Maybe still some people do not understand our NO.1 D6 smart watch. By the NO.1 lead you to understand it better. NO.1 D6 has a rectangular display with a good resolution, 320 x 320 pixels and features the three capacitive keys that we find on many smartphones. Inside the smartwatch we find an impressive technical equipment for one device of this type.   By inserting a SIM into the No.1 D6 you can make calls and send SMS messages without even having to have a phone at all. And that’s pretty cool – normal calling tariffs apply, of course, but the quality and reliability of the calls are very good. Of course, no wearable device would be complete without its own health and fitness cache of features and functionality. It comes Google Maps. The in-built pedometer will tell you how many steps you’ve taken, how many KM you’ve covered, and how many calories you’ve burned. There’s even a heartrate monitor – all good stuff. For now, there is a good price is the new starting point. NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 system with 1G+8G memory Smart watch priced at £55.35 on Tinydeal. Time left has 3days. Here full guardar 38%. Do you want to miss this best price?   More details about this activity, you can visit here: ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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NO.1 Brand All Smart watch at Blowout prices!

Maybe you still worry about NO.1 brand smart watches where to buy more affordable. NO.1 solve your problems with our partner online shop Dealextreme. All Smart watches at Blowout prices! ^_^ Which some products are doing marketing it? We can take a look at some products of NO.1. NO.1 D3 1.22-inch MTK6261 Sleep Monitor Camera Smart Watch – Black NO.1 G3 SIM/TF Card Supported Smart Watch Phone w/ 1.3″ IPS – Black NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 Smartwatch Phone w/ 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM – Silver NO.1 S3 Smart Watch Phone w/ 1.22″ IPS, Heart Rate Monitor – Black NO.1 S5 MTK6261A 1.2 Inch Round Screen Steel Strap Smart Watch – Black NO.1 SUN S2 1.22″ IPS Bluetooth Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate – Silver No.1 G2 MTK2502 1.54″ Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate, Pedometer, Camera – Silver No.1 D5 Android 4.4 MTK6572 Smart Watch with Wi-Fi, GPS – Silver NO.1 D2 Diamond BT V4.0 Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate – White + Rose Gold NO.1 A10 Smart Watch Support IOS / Android w/ 1.22″ IPS – Blue + Black All of the above products has a corresponding discount. Perhaps you feel that is not enough. Don’t worry. You also can grab the chance for big discounts on Dealextreme. Beacuse it has 10pcs half-price NO.1 G5& NO.1 G4 Smart watch. How to get it for you? Please see the rules. (1) Buy a Black G5 / Black G4 smartwatch during this campaign for a chance to get a big discount of up to 37% OFF. (2) After the 10

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