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NO.1 Smartwatch What can we expect this year?

In the last year, NO.1 Smartwatch launched NO.1 F2, F3, S9, G8, Gs8, F4, F5, these products are popular all over the world, especially the F-series products, these outdoor sport watches are very popular with the sports lovers, for its outstanding features, professional waterproof, stylish appearance and the long battery life. You can check this annual summary video. Thanks for stay tuned with us, thanks for your likes. This year, we’ll keep moving on to develop more products, something smarter, more useful, more user-friendly. F series is the main products of NO.1. The main direction of NO.1 product is the outdoors, sport. As a sport watch, GPS, waterproof, speed, calorie-burnt, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, weather forecast, display, (I know ur complaints about the F5) GPX file, (oh yes, this is the most asked questions, it is a pity that F5 doesn’t support exporting the GPX file.)   F5 is a great watch, imho, for the independent GPS, fully use the GPS sensor to calculate the speed, pace, generate trajectory, etc.   Take it to go for a marathon, portable, skinny design, user friendly UI, the screen will lock in the sports interface, we create separate interfaces for each data, speed, pace, time, calorie, steps, etc. You can have a glance at the pace interface easily while you are running.   Also check the heart rate monitoring regularly to adjust your speed, rhythm. The long battery life allows you to use the GPS throughout the game.   Enjoy the sports, sweat, enjoy running in the rains, IP67 waterproof

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NO.1 F5/F7, how to manually update the firmware?

As you know, how to update the F5/F7 firmware, simply you can go to the HPlus –>Mine –>Firmware version, click it you can update to the latest version. You can download the latest HPlus here. Actually there is also another way, you can update it manually. This method also works for NO.1 F7. First, download the app/firmware here or this one 1.6.3 version. (The firmware is encoded as an application) There is a new firmware 1.66 version. Here is the latest firmware 1.66.15.  (And this one is the latest NO.1 F7 firmware.) Second, install and open the app(dfu). Third, click the select device to pair your watch. Fourth, find the correct Bluetooth address and connect it. (if your watch is bricked, the device name is started as D_) Fifth, after connect to watch, click the upload to update the firmware to the watch. Waiting for the update process to 100%, if firmware updated successfully, the watch will vibrate and a message ‘the firmware uploaded to the device successfully’ will pop up in the app.This version is the latest one, there is a important update in the GPS sports training section. Just install and find it by yourself, personally I think this update is very useful.

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NO.1 F5 VS Garmin Fēnix 5, Comprehensive Comparison

Last week, we went for a run with the NO.1 F5 and the Garmin Fēnix 5. Actually you will find many common ground between them. Here I’ll make a comprehensive comparison. As you see, their appearances are similar, but F5 is much portable while Fēnix 5 is a bit big and heavy.  Both of them support removable straps, in the straps you can find the convenient design to replace them. Fēnix 5 is not touch screen, but there are five buttons, light, page up/down, enter, exit. NO.1 F5 is touch screen (actually there is only a touch key) and there are two buttons, enter, exit. The touch key is fully used, you can one click to switch or long press to go to the previous option. With the other two buttons, you can handle it well. OK, let’s talk about the functions. Both of them support altimeter, barometer, thermometer and of course, GPS. First, the altimeter. We did a test last week, we went to the elevator. Go to the altimeter section, reset the altimeter. You can directly reset it in F5, but in Fēnix 5, there are two options, you can use GPS to calibrate it or manually enter the height. So after reset, the height of both is 0. I reset it in 21th floor, the result will be negative number. The result is the same, but Fēnix 5 doesn’t support real-time display, only when you are still. (Later I’ll post it on the Youtube) Second, the temperature. Garmin doesn’t have thermometer, while F5 has built-in thermometer,

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How to use the GPS in smartwatch F5 to start running

As you know, F5 has independent built-in GPS sensor,  you don’t need to connect to your phone to use the GPS to start running. But how? How to activate the GPS before your training? Important Update! We have fixed the Chinese characters in Google Map and the wrong positioning problem, please download the latest App version here. The latest version is 3.1.6. First, go to Sports section. Press the enter button.(the top one) And then you’ll go to the multi-sport interface.  Second, press the switch button.(Sport) You’ll go to the running section.(White means selected) Third, click the enter button to enter the running.  Fourth, click the enter button to start. The flashing icon means F5 is trying to get a positioning. You need to go to open air to get a positioning. Usually it will take 1 min ~ 6 mins to locate, the first time use will take longer and please make sure the GPS side upwards, you’d better stop in place, that’ll help the F5 to get a positioning.         When it located, F5 will vibrate and the icon will not blink anymore.  Now you can start your training. Go for a run! Fifth, click the enter button to stop the running.  And then you’ll get these options. Sixth, click the enter button again to save or delete the data. OK, now you can go to the HPlus, after synchronization, you can check the trajectory. 🙂

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Go for a run with NO.1 F5 and the Weloop Hey 3S

Recently, we made a running test with the GPS bracelet NO.1 F5 and Weloop Hey 3S. How to use the GPS while running? The operation is the same for most of GPS watches. First, go to sports section. Second, choose the outdoor running. The blinking icon means that the device is trying to get a positioning. When it gets a positioning, it will notify you with a vibration. How to quickly locate? You need to go to the open air,  usually it’ll take 1 min ~ 7 min for F5 to locate. While the Weloop Hey 3S only needs 1 min. In this point, Weloop is better than F5.   OK, let’s start the running. As you see, this is the running interface comparison. Both of them support time, real-time heart rate tracking, mileage. I put on F5 when it got a positioning. There is only one interface in the Weloop running mode and only the info on this interface, while there are six interfaces in the F5 running mode. As you can see in the video, there are Exercise time, Heart rate, Step frequency, Steps, Calorie, Speed, Pace, Turns, Distance, Heart rate range, Time. You can click the sport to switch to check all these useful info. Check this. You can manually add the turns by pressing the below button. And how to save the sports data after sports, weloop, you can exit the sports, it will save automatically. But for F5, first you need to press the top button

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