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Do you want to see discounts for NO.1 Smart Watch Band?

The new year has come! Maybe you have some New Year wishes. You may want to be different from yourself. Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a different watch. These little details can make you have some changes. How to greet a new yourself? Follow us to see some of the shopping malls of the New Year discount. You choose the most affordable watch. Easily change yourself. Our partner online shop make NO.1 brand deals on their website. NO.1 F2, G3+, F1, G6, D6 and so on smart watch band deals on Tinydeal. Double Savings when you purchase No.1 branded smart watches between Feb. 16 – Feb. 23! 1-week flash sale on bestselling smart watches. Offer good while supplies last. Buy from: NO.1 F2 IP68 waterproof Bluetooth Pedometer Sport Healthy Outdoor Smart Watch have Blasting price $20.99 on Banggood. Only 30 pcs. And also have price $23.99 for 300pcs. If you interested in it, you can buy from here:–p-1125881.html NO.1 F2, G3+, G6, F1 have brand deals on Gearbest. The NO.1 F1 price $18.99 limited to 300 units. Another models also have more discounts in here. We hope you can buy the most desirable watch. These prices are limited time, do not miss it! We will soon have the latest NFC smart watch NO.1 S9. It is going to be hot sale in our partner online shop. Stay tuned! More details about it from our website. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Website: Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: VK: Google+:

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No.1 G6 умные часы со сменными ремешками

Сегодня я хочу рассказать о недорогих умных часах No.1 G6, которые мне были предоставлены для написания обзора. Я постарался к данному вопросу подойти объективно и указать на сильные и слабые стороны данных часов. Технические характеристики со странички продавца: Hardware Brand: NO.1 Built-in chip type: MTK2502 Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Functions Bluetooth calling: Dialing,Phone call reminder Messaging: Message reminder Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Pedometer,Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music Notification type: Facebook,Twitter Alert type: Vibration Other function: Alarm Screen Screen resolution: 240 x 240 Screen size: 1.2 inch Operating mode: Press button,Touch Screen Battery Type of battery: Polymer Lithium Battery Battery Capacty: 380mAh General People: Male table Dial and Band Shape of the dial: Round Case material: Stainless Steel Band material: TPU Features Compatible OS: Android,IOS Language: English,French,German,Italian,Portuguese,Portuguese (Brazil),Russian,Spanish,Turkish Available color: Black,Silver Weight and Size Product size (L x W x H): 5.55 x 4.50 x 1.00 cm / 2.19 x 1.77 x 0.39 inches Package size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches Product weight: 0.055 kg Package weight: 0.156 kg   Упаковка и комплектация Прилетели умные часы в мелком пакете, обмотанном желтым скотчем. Внутри пакета находилась обмотанная в пупырыщатый целлофан фирменная коробка компании No.1. Упаковка стандартна для компании. На верхней части расположен фирменный принт с логотипом компании. На правом торце расположена информация об основных технических характеристиках часов. На левом торце есть наклейка, благодаря которой можно сразу определить, в каком цвете исполнена конкретная модель. Внутри коробки расположены

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Smart watch A Key Get?

With the development of smart phones, around the smart phone products are more and more. Smart wear Device is one of them. Smart wear Device is the traditional watch and smart phone features associated with the combination. So that users have the watch to see the time function. At the same time, it also has a sports products, mobile phone part of the function. Smart watches as a product of Smart wear Device, but also many users choose to buy a smart watch products. With the smart watch on the market increasing year by year, how to choose smart watches become a lot of trouble with the problem. Today, we will introduce how to choose the smart watch. Now on the market smart watch operating system mainly including the Apple Watch watch OS, Samsung Tizen, Google Android Wear on base, as well as third-party options such as NO.1. Mention NO.1, many people are not unfamiliar. Before we have seen the news of this brand of smart watches. Although not a mainstream brand, at least the market has become a small bright spot in Apple and Samsung two dominate. Although iwatch as a product of Apple smart wear. Personally feel that is not enough classic enough. We choose Smart watches just like choose the general watch. First look at the shape design and workmanship, because these two aspects will directly determine the majority of the first sensation. Second look at the system. Watch system is consistent with our daily operating habits. It can meet our daily functional needs. Finally, we must focus on power. Power will directly determine the length of time we

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Affordable price about NO.1 G6 Smart watch

Chinese electronics company No.1 launched G6 smartwatch and it obtain the trust of customers in a short time. The device is reported to be powered by a MediaTek MT2502 CPU with 64MB. It will secure 128MB of internal memory. A 240 x 240 circular display will bring the magic to the users. The device hit the market with a price tag of $42.00. Round display has a functional rotating bezel, which is convenient to scroll through lists, and manage smart watches, but other than that, on the right, we see the presence of two mechanical buttons. The watch case is made of stainless steel and of high-temperature polyurethane belt can be easily replaced by any other, due to the presence of the standard mounts it.               It carries a big 1.2″ round display that is surrounded by stainless steel. It has a strong mineral glass to protect it. Being thin, at only 9.9mm, it sits well on your wrist, giving the required comfort. To complement the design, a sweat resistant strap is present for the athletic types.              More details of this latest smart watch, you can vist NO.1 YouTube about ” Unboxing NO.1 G6″: NO.1 G6 has been pre-sale in our partner online shop. Which partner online shop is more affordable? We can see that Banggood and Geekbuying priced at $34.99. The Gearbest priced at $34.59. Have a good new about affordable price on TinyDeal. It priced at $33.99 only 72 hours. Of course, NO.1 G6 steel

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Which smart watch do you prefer?

  NO.1 presents new G-series smartwatch. The G series of NO.1 identifies smartwatches with proprietary operating system equipped with MTK2502 to help you manage voice calls thanks to the microphone and speaker. The sport appearance and affordable price make the NO.1 G5 access to the favorite of customers. NO.1 never slow down. Recently, the latest G-series of smart watches NO.1 G6 appears in our field of vision. What is the difference between them? Of course, the G-series Smart watch with MTK2502. They also have Bluetooth 4.0. And they also can connect with IOS and Android system. If you install the app ” Fundo” or ” MediaTek SmartDevice” on your smarthone. You can synchronization information freely. The biggest difference is probably in their craft. NO.1 G6 use Top rubber material as a watch strap. Watch case material is smoother and brighter.              If your smart watch can replace the strap, do you prefer? The good news in here. NO.1 G6 can change the strap what you like. NO.1 think steel strap more suitable for G6. NO.1 make new video ” NO.1 G6 Smart watch VS NO.1 G5 Smart watch” on YouTube. Everyone can learn more from here: Hope you will find your favorite one. —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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More show of NO.1 G6 in the outdoors

A new smart watch G6 has been announced by NO.1, and sales start this month. NO.1 the body of the NO.1 G6 from 316L steel with a “thickness” of only 9.9 mm, the bracelet is made of a special plastic. The beauty of a high-end fashionable design with your sports analysis through the No. 1 G6 Smartwatch.  The two-color molding strap bears an athletic style which is sweatproof and will complement your sporty lifestyle. With four amazing health features, this smartwatch is perfect to match with your active life. It has heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer much more. The NO.1 G6 Bluetooth smartwatch will work with both Android and iOS, which is awesome for those worried about getting the best of both worlds. More show of NO.1 G6 in the ourdoors in here:   Of course, NO.1 G6 is hot sale on our patner online shop now. The affordable price at $34.99. You can buy from: We also have Giveawayof NO.1 G6 on our Facebook. Limit the quantity 2pcs NO.1 D6. Don’t miss this chance.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Website: YouTube:  

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Which online shop will be pre-saled NO.1 G6 Smart watch?

NO.1 G6 smart watch has begun to enter into our eyes. We also showed some features of NO.1 G6 on last time. The price is still the secret. With time, high-quality and affordable price is intelligent wear king. So you need to worry about the price about our NO.1 G6. It has a best price to you. Well, let us take a look at our partner online shop. What price will they sell? First of all, we look at Gearbest. Wow. They are presale Price at $42.61. How about the Banggood? NO.1 G6 of Banggood price at US$ 38.99. It looks like it would be a good price. Who else? How about the Tinydeal? That’s a surprise! It price at $34.99. Of course, how about the Geekbuying?–EU-US–Bluetooth-4-0-Heart-Rate-Monitor-Smart-Watch—Silver-372719.html The presale price is $38.99. Almost like Banggood. There are other partner online shop. Just like CooliCool. NO.1 G6 price at $39.99. And the Efox-shop priced at €29.99.  Of course, these prices are temporary. We will have three Activities going on at these online shop. It is worth mentioning that we have half-price NO.1 G6. So do not miss it! More our partner online shop, please kindly visit our website:  

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The Latest Smart watch NO.1 G6 All Functions Show

In spite of having a round screen design, the NO. 1 G6 Smartwatch is packed with tech features for your iOS and Android smartphones. The design is one of those smartwatches that is comfortable to wear and aesthetically sound at the same time. The appearance is worth mentioning. Beacuse it has exquisite design.            As you can see, NO.1 G6 has two black and silver colors. NO.1 has carefully selected 316L stainless steel. Hand-polished metal circular frame, Create a classic circular screen. Make the screen more exquisiter. The thickness only 9.9mm. Make more comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing. We also advanced resin material strap. It use two-color modling strap and more athletic style. NO.1 G6 has structure of perspiration groove on the back strap. Not afraid of sweat more.   The same as the NO.1 G5, NO.1 G6 has strong core. MTK2502 CPU processor and semiconductor high sensitivity gyroscope accelerator make work more smoothly. As the same time, the Bluetooth 4.0 of NO.1 G6 can be used as your smart assistant. NO.1 G6 can support IOS system and Android system smart phone. It can make your phone connect with smart watch more perfect.   Of course, NO.1 G6 1.2 inch IPS HD screen full circle can immediately grasp messages at a glance. It includes text messaging, Skype, Twitter, calls, news, reminder of update and so on. By a simple operation and easy response, make your work life easier. Having said that, are you interested in this NO.1 G6 smart watch?

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