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How to install VXP face in NO.1 G8

  No.1 G8 is MT 2502 smartwatch which is supposed to support VXP face. But as you read in the previous post about G8, there are many new features in No.1 G8, like blood pressure, three modes, outdoor functions(air-pressure, temp, UV), etc. There are too many new features which take up the storage space, there is no more space for vxp faces. A MT2502 watch doesn’t support vxp face? That’s crazy. So we decide to develop a new firmware for the vxp faces, but we can’t increase the storage, we must cut some features to release the storage. The SIM card feature/mobile data will be banned in the new firmware, that means you can’t use it as an independent phone(but bluetooth calling is OK). To use this firmware, you need to upgrade to the latest firmware manually. How to make a firmware upgrade, please check this tutorial And be aware, the battery life should not be less than 80%. I just downloaded and installed several watchface, both of them work well. But this firmware still need some optimizations, so please wait for a few days. Any news I’ll let you know. Good news! The new firmware which supports vxp face releases! You can download it here. And sorry about the convenience, if the sim feature is needed, we’ll keep on working, later we’ll develop the new firmware which supports both of the vxp face and sim feature.

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No.1 smartwatch watchface contest in July

Hi all, July has come the new contest reopened. Glad that more and more creative watchface developers join in this contest, thanks for all your hard working, thanks for sharing the nice watchfaces with us. Thank you. We just announced the winners of contest in June. we’ve over 150 new watchfaces in the last month, cheers. That’s really a big amount! It’s a pity that there are a few people knows the Android category. Also the watchface developers do not know about the D8 and D9. For more details: And about the contest in July, here is the rules. 1.   The top creator will get a free G8 as the prize. The most downloaded watchface and there must be at least 600 downloads, the watchface creator will get a free G8 as the prize. 2.    4 contributed watchface creators will get a 40% discount coupon code. Creators must submit over 10 watchfaces, at least one of them has over 400 downloads. 3.   The upload most watchface creators will also get a G8 as the prize. The creator must at least upload 20 vxp watchfaces or 15 Android watchface. If there are several creators meet this standard, we’ll preferentially consider the Android category. Note : You can only get 1 watch in every contest. 4.   The Android watchface which has over 400 downloads, the creator will get a D8/D9, and the watchface will take as the stock watchface. There will be 2 watches as the prize,

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How do I use the NO.1 online store coupon code?

Recently, many people asked me how to use the NO.1 coupon to make a purchase in Aliexpress. I already make a short tutorial in NO.1 Google+ community. But I’m afraid that someone may not understand, so I make this tutorial with some pictures to help you understand. 1, Choose your favorite color, then click the “BUY NOW” button. 2, Review and confirm your order Leave your coupon code in leave a message for this seller bar. 3, Click the Confirm & Pay button 4, After your order is submit, the seller will see your order and your coupon code 5, Then he will reduce the price for you 6, You can see the price of your order is changed in the background 7, Make a payment Note: if the price of your order isn’t changed, please feel free to contact the seller. Hope this helps.

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G8 multi mode smartwatch

As the watch is about on sale, I would like to talk some unique features in G8. So this watch is known as multi mode and the removable straps. As the comments wrote, one of the most pleasing features is the multi mode, according to your personal usage you can choose the best way to use it to control the battery life. If you don’t want to insert a sim card in the watch, You can choose the watch/ bracelet mode, to avoid some unnecessary functions exhausted battery life. Sometimes you would just need the watch feature, so you can choose the watch mode, to check the time. Another one must be the beautiful design with removable straps. IMHO, the classic black straps make it a business style, you can use it in daily life. And the red colorful straps, you can use it for sports. The bright colors make your energies abundant. After sports, you can also take off the wet straps and replace another clean one. That’s very useful. And that is it? No any other upgrades? Yes, there is something new and good upgrade. Except the modeling design and the multi mode, the new UI and software are another good upgrade. The new UI is very user friendly. Every screen will only display one feature. You can easily find the app you need and click on the screen to enter. Even in the outdoors, you can find it easily. Also the outdoors feature is very useful and

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