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And finally: No.1 G9 comes to market

Our verdict: No.1 G9 is a brand new Android smartwatch that many people keep craving. It was rumored that it was supposed to be market in 2017. The good news is that DTNO.1 will release No.1 G9 in late may in June. Let’s talk about everything we know about this wearable so far. Display and Screen As for No.1 G9 smartwatch, No.1 still chooses a 1.3 inch TFT color touch screen, the weight is XXX. It is a combination of temperate glass screen watch body and silicone strap. When it comes to waterproof rating, No.1 G9 is water resistant to IP67. The screen resolution is 240*240 px. There are 3 vibrant color model, all black, olive green and coral red. Spec and Interface You get 3 buttons on the watch, the left one is for SIM card.2 button on the right, one for 5 pin USB charge, the other is the power button. It looks like No.1 F5 but more functional. Why it deserves so much to love? It supports SIM card and 2g network. You can make/receive phone calls. What I need to point out is the new chip MTK2503. It means that you can use No.1 G9 as an independent phone or companion device for your cellphone. And No.1 G9 supports VXP watch faces. What’s more, 8 multisport modes, walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, football, basketball and more.It includes air pressure sensor(barometer) for elevation,accelerometer,optical heart rate sensor(PPG).You can check real-time air pressure, altimeter,24/7 heart rate right from your

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NO.1 DT58 VS NO.1 F4 colorful:Here is what’s new

Our verdict: Recently DTNO.1 smart band manufacturer releases a new smart bracelet-No.1 DT58. The design reminds me of their previous product No.1 F4 colorful.So let’s have a look at what’s new this time. No.1 DT58 deal on Banggood FOR $22.99: Release data and price No.1 F4 colorful comes with 3 patterns, red, yellow,and blue version,classic sporty look with silicone strap.No.1 F4 colorful was launched in July 2018, the price is about 30 dollars. As for No.1 DT58,3 models-Black,white and Navy blue. Same silicone strap.The price is about 20 dollars. Design and Display No.1 F4 colorful ,it is big at 11.3mm thick,0.96 inch color screen,the weight is 26g. No.1 DT58,1.14 inch with screen with 135*240 resolution, 12.1mm thick,the weight is 25.6g. Both wearables use a touch key at the bottom screen to activate.Both of them offer a bright and colorful display.Different detachable design this time,No.1 F4 colorful is more portable(watch body and strap).No.1 DT58 consists of USB part and the other. Specs and Performance Both are water resistant to IP68 waterproof. No.1 F4 colorful uses chip Nordic 51822 while No.1 DT58 uses chip Nordic 52832.The screen of No.1 DT58 is more responsive. You can get 8 sports modes,heart rate monitor,blood pressure,blood oxygen,UV,altimeter,weather and others on both wearables. Let’s talk about the difference. As many people are concerned about watch faces,No.1 F4 colorful has 3 pre-installed dials direct in watch .You can find various options in profile tab within app Hplus. What I need to point out about No.1 DT58 is

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No.1 S10 vs No.1 DT28: Which is the smartwatch for you ?

Our verdict: Now that No.1 has announced a cheaper budget smartwatch , you might be wondering which deserves a place on your wrist.No.1 DT28 is much likely to the attempt to broaden their target customers, offering a more slimmer design and more functions at a lower price.Let’s find out which is the more suitable one? No.1 S10 deal on Gearbest for $43.63: No.1 DT28 deal on Gearbest for $26.99: Release data and price There are 3 patterns of No.1 S10 smartwatch,classic look for stainless steel strap, sporty look for silicone strap, casual look for leather strap.But they all looks good on wrist.No.1 S10 was released in December 2018,the price is about 40 dollars. As for No.1 DT28,2 models –stainless strap and silicone strap.No.1 DT28 was released in February 2019.The price is about $26.99. Design and Display The main case of No.1 S10 smartwatch comes in plastic and metal.It’s big at 15mm thick, 1.3 inch with 240*240 touch screen, the weight is 53g.It looks a little bit bulky. No.1 DT28 is made of plastic and Zinc Alloy with slimmer design.It enquips with 1.54 inch TFT colorful screen with 240*240 resolution.The weight is 59g Both werables uses 22mm universally strap for all kinds of occasions and style.There are 3 buttons on the right side alongside the touchscreen for navigating the menus.Both wearables offer a crisp and colorful display, you have no problem in viewing it outdoors. Specs and Performance Both werables using chip Nordic NRF52832 and lack of GPS.Both are

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NO.1 DT28 preview: Make the best of a budget watch

Update:No.1 released a brand new smart watch in late February ,called No.1 DT28. DT will be a new series?And their new website goes alive: .What can we expect from their beginning of 2019? Display No.1 DT28 is available for $26.99 on GB: No.1 DT28 smart watch is 59g with 1.54 inch TFT colorful screen .The resolution is at 240*240.It is relatively light and durable.The detachable design is simple to change strap,universal 22mm strap for all kinds of occasions and your style.You can choose stainless steel strap for business look,silicone strap for sporty look. No.1 DT28 equips with plastic body and Zinc Alloy metal bezel to polish the look.You get 2 buttons on the right side of the watch.With the one at 2 o’clock position for start and go back to main menu,the one at 4 O’clock, you can go back to the previous page. Specs and Interface What comes first is that NO.1 DT28’s new app Dtno1 .First, open the bluetooth on your phone, bind the device by right device ID with app Dtno1. Then open the privacy and share your location with app, you can check weather,UV and altimeter on watch.And there is at least one frill ,ECG Tracker.What you need to do is wearing the watch, touch ECG icon, it shows that hold it down.Therefore, you hold it down for 30 seconds, it shows your ECG data.As for blood pressure,blood oxygen and heart rate monitor, you need to touch the icon and wait 20 seconds ,

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Happy Spring Festival — Greetings From NO.1 Smartwatch

Happy Spring Festival! The Chinese new year, the Spring Festival is close. Feb, 15 is the New Year’s Eve, we’ll have dinner with our families. The old will prepare Red Packet for children, put on new clothes, fireworks, laughs, dragon dance, lion dance, etc, that is how we celebrate it. When we meet each other, we’ll say happy Spring Festival. And if you met a child who said Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, you’d better give him a Red packet. Money is not the point, it is just for fun, luck, happiness. We believe red packet will bring both of us, happiness, auspicious. Wish you all health, wealth, happiness, and 新春愉快,万事如意! We’ll have a 13-days vacation, from 2/10 to 2/23. If you have any questions feel free to comment, I’ll deal with it when I come back to work.

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What’s new with NO.1 D7

What’s new with D7? NO.1 what progress has made in this new model? D7 is MT6572, dual core Android 4.4 smartwatch. Dual core? Why NO.1 don’t upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for NO.1 to make a quad core Android smartwatch?No, absolutely not.   NO.1 did some research in the well-known brand, such as Apple watch, Samsung Gear wear, etc. We bought several watches for testing and we have found that both of these two brand use dual core in their products. Dual core means low working frequency and power-saving. It avoids the SoC overheating and unnecessary battery life draining. That’s why Gear S3 can use two days or more. D7 is dual core, it is supposed to have five days standby time. Twice times longer than D5+ standby time. You don’t need to charge it everyday. D7 uses a 316L steel frame with unique Oyster type triangle pits, which is the first attempt of Android watch.   As any other Android watches, D7 supports Google maps, but D7 has built-in compass, with the compass and altitude, GPS navigation will be more accurate.   What’s more, the Tracker feature can record the steps, equals, distances. D7 supports sports activities synchronization, you can share your daily activities with your friends. You can also use the second-generation heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.   D7 has a big storage 1G RAM and 8G ROM. It supports variety of apps and of course watch face. And anything special in D7?   Yeah, D7

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MTK 2503 New SoC the Upgrade of MTK2502

As we know, MTK 2502 SoC is used worldwide for tethering watches. When we talk about MTK 2502 what will come to your mind. Fundo smartdevice and Fundo companion, (and yes the compatibility issue between them) Notifications, steps, heart rate monitor and calling via Bluetooth. Last but not least, custom watch face/Vxp faces. Low price, fully function and power saving. Recently smartwatch manufacturers’ has come to think of the MTK2503 — the upgrade of MTK2502. Then what can MTK 2503 smartwatch do? MTK 2503 is specialized in fitness tracking. It can track your sports, record your route, steps, detect your sports (indoor/outdoor, jogging/running), GPS positioning and navigation. I take some screenshots of the companion app. You can have a look. This app supports notifications and Health data synchronization, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of Fundo companion and smartdevice. This app can meet your needs for a companion app. It is worth mentioning that it is built-in GPS antenna, detection of two satellites for high-precision GPS positioning, the use of Google Maps for global use. It can also show the distance, Movement trajectory. The movement trajectory is very useful. Once you travel to a new city or hang out in a unfamiliar place, you can use this function, follow the route,  it will take you to the original road to go home. Also MTK 2503 will support the notifications, heart rate monitor, Bluetooth calling.   NO.1 is planning to release the MTK 2503 smartwatch–NO.1 S10. The features above will be included in

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How to create a clock skin for Android watches

I found some new Android watches users still asking how to create a custom watch face. Here I want to introduce a easy tool Clock Skin Maker. You can use it to create a clock skin. And I would make a tutorial about how to create, it is quite simple. First you need a clock skin resource,hour,minute, second, clock skin background, preview image,etc. 1, Open the CSM 2, Click add skin on the upper left corner 3, Double click image and you will get a image option in layers. Then click filename button and find your clock background image on your resource folder.   4, Repeat step 3 until all items you want in layers.   5, Click the up or down to adjust the items to make sure all images display well.   6, You can also test your clock skin in this tool, you just need to tick up the two options.   7, You can find your create clock skin in the clock skin folder. 8, Transfer the clock skin folder to your watch clock skin folder. 9, Done. How to add watch face in your watch, you need to download the watchface on your PC, connect your watch to PC,  transfer the file to the clockskin folder. If there is no such folder, you need to create a new  one. Hope it helps. You can download CSM here: You can download watchface here: And this watch face here: Thanks for reading. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:  

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Top 5 Best smartwatches you should not miss in 2017

Worldwide smartwatch market declined in 2016. Someone said 2016 wasn’t a bumper harvest year for smartwatches. “Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh, and improvements in WatchOS are not expected until later this year, effectively stalling existing Apple Watch sales,” said Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers. “Apple still maintains a significant lead in the market and unfortunately a decline for Apple leads to a decline in the entire market. Every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and though we expect improvements next year, growth in the remainder of 2016 will likely be muted.” Just like JU said, every smartwatch manufacturers faces this challenge and work for the improvements this year 2017. So, what smartwatches you should wait for? Let’s talk about the best upcoming smartwatches. 1.Apple watch series 3 Apple probably is working on the circle display for Apply watch. In early December, reports spread that Apple patent filings revealed their work of circle display. It is said that ‘Electronic device having a display with curved edges’ is what they focus on. It works similar to a normal display, maybe there would be a rotate bezel function just like the samsung S3.   2.HTC Halfbeak HTC could finally be ready to make their first Android wear smartwatch. HTC Android smartwatch’s official market release delayed again due to technical design issues. This rumor has been showing for some time, but still do not appear. But according to the leaked images

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Who will occupy the dominant position in the future wearable market?

‘Motorola will not produce more smart watches’ ‘Fitbit is going to buy Pebble’ Recently, such news have a huge impact on us. As the development of wearable industry, many companies have competed to gain our doll. Motorola, Fitbit, Pebble, these companies are the success one. The Motorola company said that they had no plan to develop more products of smartwatch, because the sales of these watches were not as the expectation. And they will not release new model in the next year. Fitbit is buying smartwatch maker Pebble for an undisclosed amount. Pebble Time has gone. What would happen to Pebble devices? What does Pebble Time joining Fitbit mean to us? We could only imagine. Why these successful manufacturers would meet such plight? Because the wearable market is slowing down. Because the price of Android Wear is quite expensive for many people. But with the progress of the times, wearing a smartwatch is a trend of intelligent life. Fortunately, as Android watch development, smartwatch become much cheaper and affordable.We could enjoy the features that Android Wear could provide. We could get a more convenient user interface. You can install custom ROM, you can create watchface, you can install other launchers. All these make our watch more functional and beautiful. Who would occupy the dominant position of the wearable industry? IMHO, Android watch would take the position! More details:

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