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What’s new with NO.1 D7

What’s new with D7? NO.1 what progress has made in this new model? D7 is MT6572, dual core Android 4.4 smartwatch. Dual core? Why NO.1 don’t upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for NO.1 to make a quad core Android smartwatch?No, absolutely not.   NO.1 did some research in the well-known brand, such as Apple watch, Samsung Gear wear, etc. We bought several watches for testing and we have found that both of these two brand use dual core in their products. Dual core means low working frequency and power-saving. It avoids the SoC overheating and unnecessary battery life draining. That’s why Gear S3 can use two days or more. D7 is dual core, it is supposed to have five days standby time. Twice times longer than D5+ standby time. You don’t need to charge it everyday. D7 uses a 316L steel frame with unique Oyster type triangle pits, which is the first attempt of Android watch.   As any other Android watches, D7 supports Google maps, but D7 has built-in compass, with the compass and altitude, GPS navigation will be more accurate.   What’s more, the Tracker feature can record the steps, equals, distances. D7 supports sports activities synchronization, you can share your daily activities with your friends. You can also use the second-generation heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.   D7 has a big storage 1G RAM and 8G ROM. It supports variety of apps and of course watch face. And anything special in D7?   Yeah, D7

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