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Activity preview about NO.1 G5 Smart watch

Nowadays, Smartwatches are getting much popular than smartphones as they are offering much more than people expected. And as usual, NO.1 as intelligent wear leader, will be innovative in a variety of watches. NO.1 G5 has appeared in our field of vision for some time. Do you still like it? No.1 G5 smartwatch supports both Android and iOS. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch allows you to control the camera of your device through remote camera option on the watch. About this NO.1 G5 Smart watch, we will soon have a wave of promotional activities on Aliexpress with our partner online shop. The affordable price is $29.99. The activity time is from October 26 to October 27. Such a good price, do not miss! Buy from: ———————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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What factors will influences your buying decisions when it comes to android smart watches?

What factors will influences your buying decisions when it comes to android smart watches? I think most people will think about its price. My survey appeared to confirm this. From the vote, we can see there’re five options to choose, includes price, build quality, design, brand and other. So far more than 700 people participated in this survey. About 42% people choose price, they think the price will influence their buying decisions most. Of course, income is the source and the basis of the consumption, is the most important factors that affect consumption. Income levels affect consumption ability. Usually people will not over-consume, they will choose the products which they can afford. This leads that people will think about price before buying goods. Anyway, it’s normal. Second factor is products’ design. About 24% people choose this option. With the improvement of living standards, people’s aesthetic requirements will also increase. Obviously, the products with a unique design and good-looking appearance will be more attractive. Third factor is build quality. About 21% people choose this option. Quality problem is related to the rights and interests of consumers, is also related to the survival and development of the enterprise. Through build quality, people will know whether the product is worth their money, this can also influence their buying decisions. Fourth factor is brand. About 6% people choose this option. No one would question the effect of brand to people. Although the change with the times, people pay less attention on the brand,

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More show of NO.1 G6 in the outdoors

A new smart watch G6 has been announced by NO.1, and sales start this month. NO.1 the body of the NO.1 G6 from 316L steel with a “thickness” of only 9.9 mm, the bracelet is made of a special plastic. The beauty of a high-end fashionable design with your sports analysis through the No. 1 G6 Smartwatch.  The two-color molding strap bears an athletic style which is sweatproof and will complement your sporty lifestyle. With four amazing health features, this smartwatch is perfect to match with your active life. It has heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer much more. The NO.1 G6 Bluetooth smartwatch will work with both Android and iOS, which is awesome for those worried about getting the best of both worlds. More show of NO.1 G6 in the ourdoors in here:   Of course, NO.1 G6 is hot sale on our patner online shop now. The affordable price at $34.99. You can buy from: We also have Giveawayof NO.1 G6 on our Facebook. Limit the quantity 2pcs NO.1 D6. Don’t miss this chance.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Website: YouTube:  

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