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Razer Nabu smartband vs NO.1 F4

  If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must read something about this awesome bracelet. For me as a zombie fan and a sports lover, when I first watched the awesome advertising video of Razer Nabu smartband, I was shocked by their idea and the shooting effect. This is totally a zombie movie. Live Smarter, survive your world with the Razer Nabu. This slogan has expressed everything that what a smartband should be. Help you live smarter, keep fit, so you can win on this game. Live smarter, you’ll get notified whenever or wherever. NO.1 F4 o.96 inch Big OLED screen can display the incoming messages, it supports whatsapp, facebook, sms, etc. The incoming messages will pop up in the screen, you can raise your hand to have a glance. It can also store the latest 8 messages. While the Razer Nabu, the small screen, although it can display the messages, it is hard to read it. And the horizontal display, you know, vertical display is what a bracelet must have features. In this point, F4 is much better than the Razer Nabu. Keep fit, the health features. Both of them support distance, calorie burnt, steps, sleep monitor, active time. But as you know, F4 is built for sports, it supports heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, these features are very important, the results are a good reference for health. Meanwhile, the multi sport mode, with the professional algorithm, the calorie burnt, distance, will be calculated more accurate. Your efforts will be digitally displayed.

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