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NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 comprehensive comparison.

As time past by,what we concerned is not only health but fitness.While the fitness tracker has exploded in popularity,it is worth taking a second to decide which to buy. While the previous fitness tracker only support steps and sleep monitor.Er,maybe call it activity tracker more appropriate.The new fitness tracker has a built-in heart rate sensor,GPS and phone notifications.It is more than a smartband but smartwatch. Here I want to introduce NO.1 Smartband F1.In order to make it more clear,I take the Mi Band 2 as compared. NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all OLED display.But F1’s screen is 0.91 inch and there are two button on the both side.This is really a convenient design.If you miss the function you want,you just flick the other side button but not go through all the choices.And Mi Band 2’s screen is only 0.42 inch with only one button. As mentioned,there is a big drawback on Mi Band 2.The 0.42 inch display limits a lot.You can see it.Only time is on display.But you can read the time,battery life,calendar bluetooth connectivity and week on F1’s screen.You don’t need to take out your phone to have a look,just glance it.You don’t worry when it needs to charge,just have a look at the battery life.The little buletooth icon shows whether the BT is connected successfully. NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all built-in battery.But F1’s battery is 230 mAh while Mi Band 2’s is only 70 mAh.Mi Band 2’s battery keeps monitoring your daily exercise to a

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Cicret Bracelet Can be Turns the Wrist into a Touch Screen

Smart watch is not a new things, smart bracelet is also very common. But, is there a new type wearable device that which can take into account both with smart watches’ functionality and small size? Yes. Now a Cicret Bracelet projection smart watch has been officially in Indiegogo crowdfunding. Cicret Bracelet built-in miniature projection device, the screen can be projected onto the user’s arm. There are also eight sensors inside the Cicret Bracelet, which are used to detect the users’ actions touch on the screen. This means that the user will needs to be projected the screen on his arm , and then in his own arm to complete all operations, no longer have to take out the phone from the pocket or backpack. Cicret Bracelet will be built-in processor, flash memory, vibration motor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, sensors and projectors. Without carrying cell phone still can be used independently, is very convenient. At the same time, Cicret Bracelet can even be similar with ordinary smart phone, you can use it video chat, and any manner of communicate with any person, pictures, videos, audio, files, notes and so on. In addition, Cicret Bracelet also supports the waterproof, so in the case of raining or taking a shower may be any operated, completely will not affect the use effect of on your wrist projection. Basically, Cicret Bracelet to use the feelings and ordinary smart phones without particularly big difference, for users who want to try wearable device, it is definitely one

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Microsoft Band 3 Bracelet Photos was Exposured

When it comes to smart bracelets, as we all know, High-end bracelets are Apple, Google is in the middle, the low-end bracelets are Xiaomi. But for most people to say, who know Microsoft bracelets is relatively less than the other brands. Last week,Microsoft announced that are trying to clear out all the Band 2 bracelet inventory, and no plans to release new bracelet products this year. However, although at the Microsoft conference at the end of this month we will not see the arrival of the Band 3, but the latest exposure of information display, Microsoft has indeed plans to launch and has been in the development of this device.  From the foreign media to share the latest Band 3 bracelets prototype photos, it carries the RFID chip for real-time monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, and for the first time to join the swimming model, this demonstrates that the Band 3 has more perfect waterproof function than Band 2. But unfortunately, Band 3 was basic confirms already come to a premature end, so the fans who like it is likely to be disappointed. Relative to the smart bracelets, smart watches function is obviously more than the smart bracelets. Therefore, people are more inclined to buy smart watches. No.1 smart watch company has launched many smart watches, they’re popular with many users. If you want to know more about our products, you can visit our official website: More discount information you can subscribe our Google+ account: At the same

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