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Shocked! It turned out to be such a smart watch?

Seems like No.1 are really dedicate to flood the market with smart wearable products until the bubble of attention is still active. But the latest product aspires to be slightly different and No.1 G7 are designated as “multi-style smartwatch”. So what does it mean ? The main feature which is different from others of NO.1 G7 is the square design can be removed from the straps to use separately. Namely, you can not only wear it on your wrist, but also remove the strap to wear it on your neck or put it in your pocket. That’s the removable design concept leaked before. NO.1 G7 is also powerful in its hardware. It has 1.54inch 2.5D glass display,built in 380mAh battery, supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and GSM frequencies. It is made of 316L stainless steel and is available in silver or black colors.      Meanwhile, it supports SIM card inserted so that you can backup the data on your smartwatch from the phone. It can answer the phone and calling. It also support 8G TF card. Play HD video without question. The internal memory is 64 RAM and 128 ROM.   NO.1 G7 Smart watch able to monitor healthe, including the heart rate monitor, pedometer, Sedentary reminders and sleep monitoring. It can also help your life. According the weather information, it can take care of our daily necessities.   The most necessary function is message notification. Real name display of the phone calls, one key to hang up or answer the phone on the watch. Such as Mail, informaiton, Facebook, news and

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