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Watchfaceup contest in the last month of 2017

Happy new year! It is already 2018. In the last month of 2017, we’ve totally 171 uploads, 80 for vxp and 91 for Android. That’s awesome! Thank you for bringing all these nice watchface to us. Here is the result of this contest. The most downloaded vxp watchface is TAG Heuer Aquaracer CAY1110-FT6041, created by Kyrnath. He won a Free NO.1 Gs8. The most downloaded Android watchface is BreitlingHeritage, created by JNascimento. He won a Free NO.1 F5. The one uploaded most watchface is vmv105, he uploaded 43 watchfaces. He won a 40% Off coupon. The contributors who uploaded many over 10 watchfaces and at least one of them got 300 downloads, they are Sinful96, Master Mendes, E Rothert. They won a 30% Off coupon. And the above creators, Kyrnath, JNascimento, vmv105, Sinful96, Master Mendes, E Rothert, all of them will get a free straps. Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks again, thanks to all the creators’ great jobs. Please keep an eye out on this site, I’m gonna post the January watchfaceup contest.

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Watchfaceup Contest in September

Hello all, yes, I’m here to announce the winners of the watchfaceup contest in September. Maybe you already know, if you’re a some kind senior user of watchfaceup, you’ll think out the winners through your daily browse. OK, we have totally 7 winners. Kyrnath’s TAG Heuer Modular Kingsman (from the movie Kingsman The Golden Circle) The most downloaded VXP face, Kyrnath will get a free G7 as the prize. Al Rod’s Lamborghini AR The most downloaded Android watchface, Al Rod will get a free F4 as the prize. Master Mendes who uploaded most VXP watchface and AlexSadov  who uploaded most Android watchface, they will get a 40% off coupon code. (it’s a pity that there is no DTNO.I logo watchface) The straps giveaways, we have 6 winners, AlexSadov, Deanj, Master Mendes, Kyrnath, Sinful96, vmv105, they will get a free straps. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your nice watchface with us, thanks for doing the requests for us. We’ll improve our contest rules to make it more pleasing.

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Watchfaceup contest in July

Congratulations! This month we have 180 submissions, 155 new beautiful vxp watchface and 25 awesome Android watchface! The most download watchface is created by Kyrnath, TAG Heuer Black Phantom (includes night mode), it has 896 downloads. You can download it here. The most downloads Android watchface is created by Al Rod, No1 Connected Hybrid AR, it has 535 downloads, you can download it here.   Congratulations! Kyrnath will get a Gs8 as the prize and Al Rod will get a D8. And the one who uploaded most watchface is Master Mendes.  He uploaded 49 watchface! Thanks for his hard working, he will get a Gs8 as the prize! Get his nice watchface : There are also many watchface creators made many contribution to this site, in order to thank for their hard working. We decide to give them a 40% coupon code. Alexander Sadovnikov, Sinful96, congratulations. Thanks for your hard working, thanks for sharing your nice watchface with us. The upcoming contest will be more completed, all of you will get a reward. Please keep an eye out on this site.  

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How to install VXP face in NO.1 G8

  No.1 G8 is MT 2502 smartwatch which is supposed to support VXP face. But as you read in the previous post about G8, there are many new features in No.1 G8, like blood pressure, three modes, outdoor functions(air-pressure, temp, UV), etc. There are too many new features which take up the storage space, there is no more space for vxp faces. A MT2502 watch doesn’t support vxp face? That’s crazy. So we decide to develop a new firmware for the vxp faces, but we can’t increase the storage, we must cut some features to release the storage. The SIM card feature/mobile data will be banned in the new firmware, that means you can’t use it as an independent phone(but bluetooth calling is OK). To use this firmware, you need to upgrade to the latest firmware manually. How to make a firmware upgrade, please check this tutorial And be aware, the battery life should not be less than 80%. I just downloaded and installed several watchface, both of them work well. But this firmware still need some optimizations, so please wait for a few days. Any news I’ll let you know. Good news! The new firmware which supports vxp face releases! You can download it here. And sorry about the convenience, if the sim feature is needed, we’ll keep on working, later we’ll develop the new firmware which supports both of the vxp face and sim feature.

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G8 multi mode smartwatch

As the watch is about on sale, I would like to talk some unique features in G8. So this watch is known as multi mode and the removable straps. As the comments wrote, one of the most pleasing features is the multi mode, according to your personal usage you can choose the best way to use it to control the battery life. If you don’t want to insert a sim card in the watch, You can choose the watch/ bracelet mode, to avoid some unnecessary functions exhausted battery life. Sometimes you would just need the watch feature, so you can choose the watch mode, to check the time. Another one must be the beautiful design with removable straps. IMHO, the classic black straps make it a business style, you can use it in daily life. And the red colorful straps, you can use it for sports. The bright colors make your energies abundant. After sports, you can also take off the wet straps and replace another clean one. That’s very useful. And that is it? No any other upgrades? Yes, there is something new and good upgrade. Except the modeling design and the multi mode, the new UI and software are another good upgrade. The new UI is very user friendly. Every screen will only display one feature. You can easily find the app you need and click on the screen to enter. Even in the outdoors, you can find it easily. Also the outdoors feature is very useful and

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How to create a Digital VXP face for MTK2502/MTK2503 watch?

Hi all, as the popular with the MTK2502 watch users, more and more people come to this site to download some beautiful watchfaces, also many people would like to create some for their watches. The tutorial about how to create an analog VXP face is very detailed, you can read my previous post or watch Afif’s video tutorial. But how to create a Digital VXP face? Although it is similar to the analog one, there are something difference between them. Here I want to make a simple tutorial. First, what do you need to create a digital watchface? Usually you’ll need 14 images. Numbers 0~9, AM/PM, Clock_bg and the preview image. Also the configtbl.bin file and Watch_res.lst file.   This is a simple digital watchface, I just use Photoshop to create these images I need. About the Digital_res.lst file, as you know it is the same as the analog watchface, it is the path to these images. And how to create a correct Configtbl.bin for your watchface? First, you must know what does the address 0x0-0xF and their values mean. The address you need in digital watchface is 0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6 0x7 0xA (0xB 0xC you don’t need to edit these two value). 0x2 0x3 is the coordinate of hour,0x4 0x5 is the coordinate of minute and the 0x6 0x7 is the coordinate of AM/PM. The left is the X point and the right is the Y point. 0xA is the option for analog or digital, in digital watchface,

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NO.1 G3+ Official Firmware

Version A : Chinese (default), Traditional Chinese, English   Version B : English (default), French, Spanish, Portuguese, BZ Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese   Version C : English (default), Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Myanmar   Version D : English (default), Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Dutch, Romanian   Version E : English, Japanese, Korean NO.1 G3+ page : Tutorial : Drivers : Tool : Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: Google+: NO.1 Official online store :

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How to add watch faces on MTK2502 smartwatch

Is it possible to create some watch faces for G5?Or where can I download some watch faces for my G5?We have received such questions after the G5 released. The answer is Yes.You can download watch faces even create some for your G5. Thanks to zcj great job.We noticed that there is a way to put watchfaces on G5. If you still have some questions about how to put them on G5? Here I’m gonna make some tutorial about how to add watch faces via phone.First of all,we have to face up to the limited storage.Unfortunately,we can only install two watch faces on G5. But you can download some on your phone and there you can keep lots of watch faces.Just uninstall the using one and then install the new one.Enjoy it. Warning:’Do not uninstall the one you are using,it may brick your watch’ A step by step tutorial. 1)Scan the QR code and download the Smartdevice.(there is two version first one for Android,below one for IOS) 2)Download the watch faces vxp files. 3)Extract the vxp files on your phone AND then transfer the files to the appmanager folder.(while you open the Smartdevice the folder is created) 4)Open my application on Smartdevice install the new watch face. 5)Select your new watch face. How to use Fundo Wear to install the watchfaces? Check this tutorial. If you want to learn more,click the link above.Big thanks to zcj and xda forum. Big thanks to zafrix8,he set up a website where you can download vxp

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