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Watch face up contest in September

First, thanks all for your efforts and continuous attention for watch face up contest. We hope that more people will join our contest and get to know the smart watch field. We appreciate all the creativity and beautiful results. The summer comes to its end, this time we choose autumn (fall) as the topic of watch face up contest. Autumn is my favorite season due to mild temperature ,beautiful leaves and a time of harvest. What is your favorites about autumn? So let your imagination run wild to express the topic. Watch face up contest website: Here are the details: 1 The creators whose watch face have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for winners, the poll will last for a week, the winner will win a Free F18 as the prize. 2 The creators whose watch face have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for winners, the poll will last for a week, the winner will win our latest No.1 IP01 as the prize. 3 We have discounts and sales for all the watch face up users now and then, you can stay tunned to our page .And I will send 30% off coupons to you guys randomly. 4 In order to keep the diversity of winners, the winner of a month can not be winner of the following month.

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Watchfaceup Contest in July

Congratulations to the France national football team for winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia championship. Thanks to JNascimento who created all these FIFA watch faces to us. Last month we have over 180 watch faces uploaded, the vmv105 uploading more than 35 dials has the most uploads. Master Mendes uploaded 30 watch faces, JNascimento uploaded 28 Android watch faces, thank you for your hard working. And thanks for all these beautiful watch faces. I have summed up all the watch faces which meet the contest requirement. Here are the top downloaded watch faces in July. Please move your finger to vote for your favorite watch face. Top downloaded Android watch faces [poll id=”11″] Top downloaded VXP watch faces [poll id=”12″] The poll will last a week, please do not use any method to cheat us.

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Watchfaceup Contest in June

‘The stench, the stench, of summer sex’ a lyric from Fall out boy’s Uma thurman. Summer is always accompanied by sweat, workouts, sports. Just as the coming great event, FIFA World Cup, summer is a good time for exercise. In order to celebrate this great event, we prepare some free gifts for the watchfaceup users, yes, all the users will have the chance to get the gift. And also we prepare two watches for the top creators. Here’s the details. The creators whose watchface have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F4 Colorful as the prize. The creators whose watchface have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F13 as the prize. FIFA category, we’ll choose 50 lucky guys randomly in the subscribed emails, we’ll give you a ribbon for your country or favorite team. In order to have more winners, we also prepare some coupons for you, anyone who need it, please feel free to contact me.(only the first 5 friends) The coupons will be available on DT NO.I Official Store. BTW, purchase NO.1 F series products will also get a free ribbon. To have more winners, more diversity of people getting prizes, the winner of a month CAN’T be winner the following month  

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The First NFC Smart Watch NO.1 S9 On Sale

The new year smart watch should have some changes? NO.1 has begun to launch the latest product NO.1 S9 smart watch. This is a new sport design, NO.1 offers a smart watch with a Samsung look. At the same time, it is also NO.1 first NFC-enabled smart watch. It will also have a second generation heart rate test. NO.1 has metal strap and leather strap. NO.1 S9 has 1.3 inch IPS screen with 240 x 240 pixels, coming with fashionable and luxurious design, it is made of 316L stainless steel case, which is more durable and lasting, it has made 216 ways of CNC processing. Of course the usual functions like pedometer, Bluetooth connection, remote camera, all the notifications etc. are present in full force. Battery sports a 380 mAh capacity and No.1 S9 is compatible of course both with Android and iOS. Since it is the appearance of Samsung, there will naturally be some contrast, please check our video on Samsung S3 VS NO.1 S9. The price is the advantage. Meanwhile, it can offer you with various choices according to its strap design such as black leather belt, brown leather belt, silver steel strip, and black steel strip. Therefore, you can customize your smartwatch in different color and different material, of course, including various online watch faces. More watch faces, you can download from our Watch Face Website. NO.1 S9 is a very powerful and practical smartwatch with high quality design. Most users would like to have a try, especially

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How to create a clock skin for Android watches

I found some new Android watches users still asking how to create a custom watch face. Here I want to introduce a easy tool Clock Skin Maker. You can use it to create a clock skin. And I would make a tutorial about how to create, it is quite simple. First you need a clock skin resource,hour,minute, second, clock skin background, preview image,etc. 1, Open the CSM 2, Click add skin on the upper left corner 3, Double click image and you will get a image option in layers. Then click filename button and find your clock background image on your resource folder.   4, Repeat step 3 until all items you want in layers.   5, Click the up or down to adjust the items to make sure all images display well.   6, You can also test your clock skin in this tool, you just need to tick up the two options.   7, You can find your create clock skin in the clock skin folder. 8, Transfer the clock skin folder to your watch clock skin folder. 9, Done. How to add watch face in your watch, you need to download the watchface on your PC, connect your watch to PC,  transfer the file to the clockskin folder. If there is no such folder, you need to create a new  one. Hope it helps. You can download CSM here: You can download watchface here: And this watch face here: Thanks for reading. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:  

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NO.1 D6 Android 5.1 Smart watch Christmas Feedback!

These days, it seems like every company is making a smartwatch. But not every smartwatch is running on Android Wear – Google’s version of Android for your wrist. In fact, there are many smartwatches out there running another operating system like Tizen, or even a full build of Android. That’s exactly what the No. 1 D6 smartwatch is running. It’s a full version of Android 5.1 system. For customers who already have NO.1 D6, we are making a Christmas feedback. We can see a lot of customer questions, ideas, praise, etc. in our Facebook, Google +, forums and so on. In order to give back NO.1 D6 loyal users, we are holding Contest in our Facebook now.          Here is the details of this contest as below. We know that you are all very creative. In order to let D6 smart watch more useful, more convenient and more attractive. You install useful APPs, Launchers and dials. Please share your ideas and win our gifts! How to: 1. Share your dials. 2. Share your useful APP. 3. If your UI(watch face) is not the original Launcher, please share the UI of your Launcher. ( PS: Choose one to share on it, we will select the winners by voting.) By the way, you also can leave some comments or suggestions for our NO.1 D6 below. Or you would like to get any prizes, you can leave a message below. Prizes: Christmas gifts 20pcs, NO.1 D6 Accessories ( Back cover, Charging

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How about add custom watch faces of NO.1 D5+ Smart watch?

If there’s one thing I love about the possibility of wearables, it’s swapping in new watch faces. While many companies either prevent users from making custom watch faces or require some decent coding skills, NO.1 Android smart watch has a few workarounds—and that is awesome. While the out-of-box experience might be good enough today, over time you may want more. Thankfully, there’s already a massive collection of custom watch faces out there, vying for your attention. But of course every procedure in changing the clock skin comes without issues, so always make it sure that you read and have a back up plan to restore your watch in its factory set-up before setting up a custom clock skin. At first, you need to download in your smart watch. Now we will share the watch faces of NO.1 D5+ Smart watch as below. More custom watch face, you can concerned about our Facebook. (1) ClockSkin01: (2) ClockSkin02: (3) ClockSkin03: (4) ClockSkin04: (5) ClockSkin05:   (6) ClockSkin06: HOW INSTALL CUSTOM CLOCK SKINS: (source XDA) 1.Connect watch to Windows/Mac/Linux 2.Enable USB Storage on watch 3.Create a folder called “ClockSkin” on the SDCard/Storage 4.Drag and drop any new face folder into “ClockSkin” folder on SDCard/Storage 5.Disconnect watch and select the new face No adb, no special drivers, no scripts, no programs. Just drag and drop. Shared by developers at:   ———————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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How to add watch faces on MTK2502 smartwatch

Is it possible to create some watch faces for G5?Or where can I download some watch faces for my G5?We have received such questions after the G5 released. The answer is Yes.You can download watch faces even create some for your G5. Thanks to zcj great job.We noticed that there is a way to put watchfaces on G5. If you still have some questions about how to put them on G5? Here I’m gonna make some tutorial about how to add watch faces via phone.First of all,we have to face up to the limited storage.Unfortunately,we can only install two watch faces on G5. But you can download some on your phone and there you can keep lots of watch faces.Just uninstall the using one and then install the new one.Enjoy it. Warning:’Do not uninstall the one you are using,it may brick your watch’ A step by step tutorial. 1)Scan the QR code and download the Smartdevice.(there is two version first one for Android,below one for IOS) 2)Download the watch faces vxp files. 3)Extract the vxp files on your phone AND then transfer the files to the appmanager folder.(while you open the Smartdevice the folder is created) 4)Open my application on Smartdevice install the new watch face. 5)Select your new watch face. How to use Fundo Wear to install the watchfaces? Check this tutorial. If you want to learn more,click the link above.Big thanks to zcj and xda forum. Big thanks to zafrix8,he set up a website where you can download vxp

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