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Watchfaceup contest in the last month of 2017

Happy new year! It is already 2018. In the last month of 2017, we’ve totally 171 uploads, 80 for vxp and 91 for Android. That’s awesome! Thank you for bringing all these nice watchface to us. Here is the result of this contest. The most downloaded vxp watchface is TAG Heuer Aquaracer CAY1110-FT6041, created by Kyrnath. He won a Free NO.1 Gs8. The most downloaded Android watchface is BreitlingHeritage, created by JNascimento. He won a Free NO.1 F5. The one uploaded most watchface is vmv105, he uploaded 43 watchfaces. He won a 40% Off coupon. The contributors who uploaded many over 10 watchfaces and at least one of them got 300 downloads, they are Sinful96, Master Mendes, E Rothert. They won a 30% Off coupon. And the above creators, Kyrnath, JNascimento, vmv105, Sinful96, Master Mendes, E Rothert, all of them will get a free straps. Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks again, thanks to all the creators’ great jobs. Please keep an eye out on this site, I’m gonna post the January watchfaceup contest.

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December watchfaceup contest

Merry Christmas! Awesome! We are almost on vacation season. Santa is picking the list, the Nice list and the Naughty list, I know I’m on which one. :p Hope all the Nice kids can receive a gift. OK, we’ll go on this contest and provide some gifts. Here is  the details. The creator of the most downloaded VXP watchface will get a free Gs8. The creator of the most downloaded Android watchface will get a free F5.(Creator must upload 6 watchface , and at least one of them got 400 downloads) What is F5?   The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code, the one who uploads more than 12 watchface and at least one of them gets 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 official online store. (There will be five coupons at most) Anyone who uploads more than 5 watchface will get a free strap. :p If you don’t know how to create a watchface, you can get a gift here. *Don’t be the Naughty one, don’t try to break the rules*

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November watchfaceup contest

Hello December, the November watchfaceup contest has come to an end. This month totally we have 162 uploads.  106 uploads on VXP category and 56 uploads on Android category. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these beautiful watchfaces with us. So I’m here to announce the result of this contest. The most downloaded vxp watchface is Jarvis Digital , created by Kuasanagui. He will get a F5 as the prize. The most downloaded Android watchface is Breitling Avenger Hurricane Military, created by Kyrnath. He will get a D6 as the prize. The one who uploaded most watchfaces is vmvlo5. He will get a 40% coupon code. 30% off coupon code winners Sinful96, Master Mendes, J.Hessinger. Straps winners, Sergey Ivanov. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for sharing your beautiful watchfaces with us, thanks.  

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Watchface contest in June

The watchface contest has come to an end. It seems that our standard is too high, no one reached the standard. It is our fault, we did not make it practical. But in order to thank you for your hard work, we’ll provide 2 coupon code as the prize. And it is a pity that no Android watchface reached the standard, I’m not sure if it is because the D8/D9 is not attractive, or you did not know anything about these two watches. This month the contest of Android category will move on, don’t miss the last chance. So we’ve two winners. Kyrnath won a G6 Zeal, he submit 62 watchfaces, he is the one with most watchface submissions. He will also get a 40% discount coupon code. You can download his watchface here. Master Mendes, he submit 51 watchfaces. He will also get a 40% discount coupon code. You can download his watchface here. Thank you for all watchface creators’ hard work. Thank you for sharing your beautiful watchface to us.

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NO.1 MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps

Good news! The MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps. It supports date, battery level and the heart rate, steps, all these features. You can also click the heart rate icon to go to the heart rate monitor app, and the steps to the pedometer. G8 is the first watch which supports this feature.(at least among the NO.1 products) And we know some of you NO.1 G6 users are tired of the ugly stock watchface, especially the football watchface. We are going to release some firmware to replace the watch face with a nice one, which supports heart rate and steps. Please comment what kind of watch face do you like, if possible, images will help a lot. Thanks. Have a good day.

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NO.1 smartwatch watchface contest in April

Hi all, the watchface contest in April has come to an end. Did you enjoy in this competition? The users of this site choose their favorite popular watch faces, so that the winners came out. We have four winners in VXP category and one winner in Android category. The VXP category winners are _MFI_, Kyrnath, junkman931 and Master Mendes. The top watchface creator is _MFI_ who won a free watch S9, and Kyrnath, junkman931, Master Mendes they got a 40% off discount coupon code. They can use this coupon to buy any NO.1 products. The winner of Android category is Numan. He won a free watch NO.1 D7. Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks for sharing their watchface to us, thanks for bringing this site up so that other smartwatch users can use this awesome website. In this month, NO.1 will also provide a free watch as the prize of the top watchface creator, the new product G8. And 5 50% off discount coupon code. This month NO.1 won’t provide Android watch for the Android category. But please pay attention to the next month contest, we’ll choose several watchface as the stock watchface for NO.1’s upcoming products. What’s NO.1’s product plan? You can check my previous post here. You can create round or square watchface, all designed by you. Thanks.

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How to use wallpaper as a watch face in D5+

Did you find the trick to use a wallpaper as a watch face? Maybe you all focus on the change to square format setting and ignore other very useful update. Here I want to introduce how to use wallpaper as a watch face in D5+ since last update. Go to settings –> clock settings –> wallpaper clock. Then you need to choose a picture as the wallpaper. (You can upload the picture to the watch) Click OK, then go back to the watch face. You can find the chosen wallpaper in your watch face. Here I make a example. Hope you like the new feature. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:

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D5,D5+ watchface bug solved

As I said,you guys love the D5 AND D5  plus for the various beautiful watchfaces. There once was a issue about changing watchface. You might press the black image while changing the watchface and then the screen went black.This issue is  caused by the bad connectivity.But we have paired the black images on download preview list,we also paired the black images caused by the empty folder.With the new firmware,you can solve the black image via OTA update. You could download the latest firmware here. This one is for D5 ,sorry for the bad experience just download it to solve this issue. This one is for D5+ . Thank you for your support. Contact us :

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