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5G Technology Unlocks New Possibilities for Wearable Devices

that wearable devices will also become smaller and lighter because the device itself does not need to contain powerful data processing hardware. There will be enough bandwidth to allow all of this to be done in the cloud. This means that we will see the end of bulky VR and AR helmets, as well as the emergence of a more comfortable life and portable equipment.

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The Most Worth Buying Smartbands of 2016

Wearable market is still a boom in 2016. In many devices, due to the smartband has the features of low price, fashionable appearance and variety of functions, it become many users first choice. Now let’s discuss the most worth buying several smartbands of 2016. Miband 2 Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Compared with the previous generation, Miband 2 added a more intuitive screen, easy to use. Used the new wristband design, and upgraded the step counting algorithm, through the OLED display screen, so that the time, steps, heart rate can be more intuitive display. Sedentary reminder is a favorite function of office workers, it can properly remind people to stand up and walk around. It’s also a good cell phone unlock tool. Using Miband 2 gently close to the phone, you can immediately unlock the phone. At the same time, it supports phone call and APP reminder, will not miss each important information.   Fitbit Charge 2 Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ To say the high-end professional wearable device, it must be the famous Fitbit. Fitbit Charge 2 equipped with a super narrow bezel surface LCD screen, and with replaceable strap design, users can according to their own need to purchase another leather or metal strap. Fitbit products are always in order to give users a healthy life, Charge 2 also has Fitbit iconic PurePulse heart rate monitoring technology, automatic sleep monitoring, SmartTrack automatic exercise identification, as well as calls, text messages and daily reminders, at

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New Smart Watch System Will be Born, are You Looking Forward to It?

Sailfish OS is Jolla Company’s Linux based mobile operating system. In 2013, the world’s first mobile phone equipped with Sailfish OS officially listed shipments, mainly using third-party OEM manufacturers and OEM Jolla way sales model. But this kind of mobile phone sales situation is not very ideal. So Jolla by the end of 2015 through the organization restructuring of the form of layoffs to reduce the debt burden, and gave up the Tablet PC and smart phone production. The company’s relevant personnel said, since Sailfish OS can be extended from the smart phone to the Tablet PC, then further downward extend to wearable device is also a viable option. It’s easy to operate and browse on the small watch screen. Because the Sailfish OS smart watch system provides a large number of gesture operation based user interface. Basically, we see the ways of interacting are mostly adopted rolling or sliding, such as sliding from bottom to top or from top to bottom, Or large buttons to facilitate finger operation, similar to the user interface that we see on the other wearable devices, but Jolla special custom made a number of specialized applications and functions. For example, Jolla has specially designed for Sailfish OS Watch Edition some virtual and digital style dial, which has pedometer, fitness tracker app, calendar, weather and so on. Sailfish OS Watch Edition provides the tool which supports pair with Sailfish OS smart phones, it can directly show the phone call information and related options. It also

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No.1 Smartband F1 Presale Priced at $26.99 on Tinydeal

Fitness tracker as wearable device, they’re reliable, simple to use, provide health data, to help people change their unhealthy life style. No. 1 smart watch company keep up with the trend of The Times, released their first smartband, named No.1 Smartband F1. Before, we’ve introduced this smartband and also loved by many people. I think there’re two important factors to buy No.1 Smartband F1.  First is its battery life. As No.1 official page announced, this smartband has 230mAh built-in battery, its standby time can be reach about 100 days. As you know, Xiaomi MI Band 2 only has 70mAh build-in battery, its standby time is about 20 days. By contrast, No.1 Smartband F1 standby time is obviously longer than Xiaomi MI Band2. It means that you don’t need charge frequently and also can save you much trouble.  Second is its waterproof. No.1 Smartband F1 has waterproof IP68. IP68 is the highest level of connector waterproof rating standard. You can wear it to take a shower, swim, even diving, because its waterproof in 50 meter water. It will be ok to do these things.  Of course, it also has many other functions, such as Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminders. According to the monitoring data, you can adjust your habit and live a healthy life. At present, No.1 Smartband F1 presale on Tinydeal, only cost $26.99 that you can own one. There’re three colors: Black, Blue and Orange. Buy from:   Official website: Google+: No.1 smart watch Community on

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No.1 D5 Android 4.4 Smart Watch has a Low Price on Tinydeal

No.1 D5 has launched some time. At the same time, No.1 D5 smart watches are popular by many users. Of course, we also received some opinions and suggestions from them. When users tell us their opinions and suggestions, we always listen carefully to each user’s comments and suggestions, and carefully to help them solve their problems.  No.1 D5 has a round dial. With 360X360 pixels, it has a good resolution. Equipped with Android 4.4 system, make it as an Android smart phone, you can download your favorite apps from Google play, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. No.1 D5 smart watch can give you a full Android experience. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect it make phone calls, receive and send SMS. No.1 D5 smart watch support wifi, you can enjoy surfing the internet with high speed network. With the memory of 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, No.1 D5 smart watch runs more smoothly, and you can save more data in it. This watch supports change clock face, with the memory, you can add more clock faces as you like. Like other wearable device, No.1 D5 also has the functions of heart rate monitor, pedometer, they can help you change your bad habits to build a healthy body. Now, there is a LOW PERICE of No.1 D5, price at $94.99 on Tinydeal. Time left about 2 days. Here full guardar 60%. Don’t miss the good price! Buy from: More details you can visit our official website:

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Cicret Bracelet Can be Turns the Wrist into a Touch Screen

Smart watch is not a new things, smart bracelet is also very common. But, is there a new type wearable device that which can take into account both with smart watches’ functionality and small size? Yes. Now a Cicret Bracelet projection smart watch has been officially in Indiegogo crowdfunding. Cicret Bracelet built-in miniature projection device, the screen can be projected onto the user’s arm. There are also eight sensors inside the Cicret Bracelet, which are used to detect the users’ actions touch on the screen. This means that the user will needs to be projected the screen on his arm , and then in his own arm to complete all operations, no longer have to take out the phone from the pocket or backpack. Cicret Bracelet will be built-in processor, flash memory, vibration motor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, sensors and projectors. Without carrying cell phone still can be used independently, is very convenient. At the same time, Cicret Bracelet can even be similar with ordinary smart phone, you can use it video chat, and any manner of communicate with any person, pictures, videos, audio, files, notes and so on. In addition, Cicret Bracelet also supports the waterproof, so in the case of raining or taking a shower may be any operated, completely will not affect the use effect of on your wrist projection. Basically, Cicret Bracelet to use the feelings and ordinary smart phones without particularly big difference, for users who want to try wearable device, it is definitely one

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