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Huawei Watch GT vs No.1 S10 smart watch Review

Our verdict: The debut of LightOS , Huawei’s proprietary operating system that leaps from its fitness tracker to one of its smart watch for the first time.Light OS offers up an alternative for fans of smart watch.It expects users to interact with with the watch GT. No.1 S10 sits in the same carriage as the latest wearable watch from Huawei. Let’s find out more details. Huawei watch GT deal on Amazon for $237.23 No.1 S10 smart watch deal on GB for $34.99: Relase date and price: There are two variants of Huawei watch GT, the sport(black body and black silicone strap) and the classic(sliver body and leather strap with silicone on the inside).The watch GT was only released in November 2018,the price is set about $230. No.1 S10 smart watch ups the ante with more bands options,classic look for stainless steel strap,sporty look for silicone band,casual look for leather strap.But they all looks good on the wrist. No.1 S10 smart watch was released in December 2018, the price is about $40. Design and Display Both are more like to fitness tracker Huawei watch GT is made of a combination of ceramic and metal that looks premium on the wrist.The bezel has numbers around,it gives a classic feel.It’s slim at only 10.6mm thick,1.39 inch with 454×454 AMOLED touch screen.The weight is 46g. The strap of our review model is made of brown leather.You can get around the watch by using two buttons sitting on the right side of the

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Best Wearables of CES 2018

CES — The Global Stage for Innovation. — CES 2018 CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, which provides the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and propel consumer technology forward. Wearable industry, what’s new on this show? I gathered some news on the internet. Suunto 3 Fitness This one is not like other Suunto watches, it doesn’t come with a GPS sensor. But as a fitness watch, there is a special useful feature. Adaptive Training Guidance, set you up with a series of sessions it prompts you to complete for a workout. If you miss a session it’ll automatically be rearranged for a later date, so you won’t miss out or have to rearrange your diary yourself. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Running, listening, a Garmin watch with music support. With enough storage for 500 songs, you don’t need to carry your phone. You can sync music stored on your PC, which is browsable when you sync a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can have multiple playlists and folders of music, and you can switch between them on the watch. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Casio’s latest smartwatch supports solar charging. Casio says the device can be recharged with four hours of sunlight, which will then allow for an hour of GPS. So you can go hiking, camping, without worrying the batter life. Besides, as the G-Shock series, it supports mud and cold temperatures resistant, as well as a barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer. Garmin Vivofit 4 They said Vivofit 4

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Who will occupy the dominant position in the future wearable market?

‘Motorola will not produce more smart watches’ ‘Fitbit is going to buy Pebble’ Recently, such news have a huge impact on us. As the development of wearable industry, many companies have competed to gain our doll. Motorola, Fitbit, Pebble, these companies are the success one. The Motorola company said that they had no plan to develop more products of smartwatch, because the sales of these watches were not as the expectation. And they will not release new model in the next year. Fitbit is buying smartwatch maker Pebble for an undisclosed amount. Pebble Time has gone. What would happen to Pebble devices? What does Pebble Time joining Fitbit mean to us? We could only imagine. Why these successful manufacturers would meet such plight? Because the wearable market is slowing down. Because the price of Android Wear is quite expensive for many people. But with the progress of the times, wearing a smartwatch is a trend of intelligent life. Fortunately, as Android watch development, smartwatch become much cheaper and affordable.We could enjoy the features that Android Wear could provide. We could get a more convenient user interface. You can install custom ROM, you can create watchface, you can install other launchers. All these make our watch more functional and beautiful. Who would occupy the dominant position of the wearable industry? IMHO, Android watch would take the position! More details:

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NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 comprehensive comparison.

As time past by,what we concerned is not only health but fitness.While the fitness tracker has exploded in popularity,it is worth taking a second to decide which to buy. While the previous fitness tracker only support steps and sleep monitor.Er,maybe call it activity tracker more appropriate.The new fitness tracker has a built-in heart rate sensor,GPS and phone notifications.It is more than a smartband but smartwatch. Here I want to introduce NO.1 Smartband F1.In order to make it more clear,I take the Mi Band 2 as compared. NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all OLED display.But F1’s screen is 0.91 inch and there are two button on the both side.This is really a convenient design.If you miss the function you want,you just flick the other side button but not go through all the choices.And Mi Band 2’s screen is only 0.42 inch with only one button. As mentioned,there is a big drawback on Mi Band 2.The 0.42 inch display limits a lot.You can see it.Only time is on display.But you can read the time,battery life,calendar bluetooth connectivity and week on F1’s screen.You don’t need to take out your phone to have a look,just glance it.You don’t worry when it needs to charge,just have a look at the battery life.The little buletooth icon shows whether the BT is connected successfully. NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all built-in battery.But F1’s battery is 230 mAh while Mi Band 2’s is only 70 mAh.Mi Band 2’s battery keeps monitoring your daily exercise to a

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