Ten of the best VXP smartwatch faces will draw your attention.

As the watchfaceup is more and more popular with MT 2502 smartwatch users. More and more developers joined in this great community. I really adore their creative and their kindness, to create these nice watchface, doing requests for others.

I would like to write something about the Ten of Best VXP face for you watchface lovers. Note, this is just my personal opinion, a guidance to the new users.

As you know, there are three kinds of VXP face, the analog one, the digital one and the animated one.

  1. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17  The downloaded most analog watchface created by zafrix8, the watchfaceup owner, the video tutorial creator. No doubt it is a great watchface.tag
  2. Nike Plus The most popular watchface, all kind of versions have many downloads, the most downloaded version is created by starboy.plus
  3. Mickey-animated Everyone loves Mickey mouse, this animated version is created by FD, it looks more beautiful when she moved the foot.mickey
  4. Colorful Life Created by George, this one is created for minimalists. The big number makes it much easier to check the time.color
  5. Nike+Sport – Multi Color Why there are another Nike+ watchface in the list? This one is created by Sinful96, the most creative watchface creators. One number with different colors, yes it is possible. Download and install it.Nike
  6. Doctor Strange Jaeger LeCoultre watch Created by Kyrnath, the analog watchface master. Doctor Strange’s broken watch, break your watch screen so that it looks much similar to his watch. :p15
  7. Dinamic Created by Master Mendes, the one who created most watchfaces. This analog and digital watchface looks amazing (although the digital part doesn’t work)dina
  8. Seiko A simple analog watchface, everyone loves Seiko watches, there is a chance to get the watch(face).seiko
  9. Tissot Black Created by neela147, an awesome analog watchface, everyone loves the little dials.tis
  10. Gear S2 Created by zcj, the vxp face developer! Everyone attaches importance to his efforts to teach us to make the surface.s2

Apologize! The list is so short, I can’t list out all the awesome watchfaces. This is just my personal option, you can go to the watchfaceup to get your favorite.


11 thoughts on “Ten of the best VXP smartwatch faces will draw your attention.”

  1. I have a D7. It is not linked to a phone. I use it as a stand alone device with SIM active and wifi…how can i download these faces?

  2. Hello Jon,
    really the list is short for so many beautiful watchfaces we have there on the site and community, but thank you for remembering my work.

    I will always be helping in the development of this work that I like so much. And now with android watchfaces as well.

    Eduardo – Master Mendes

    1. Hello Eduardo,

      Yes, I apologize for this, I can’t list out all the awesome watchfaces. Thanks for your nice watchface, I saw your Android watchfaces, they are very nice. Keep on working, dude.
      Best regards

  3. Hello! I need help, the back cover of D6 clock burst. Where can I buy a back cover for D6 watches?

  4. hi ! friend i want to install new faces in my y1 smart watch.Please help me

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