The Differences Between NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+

Inearly August, we’ve already introduced D5 plus, but there are stillmany customers ask us that the difference between D5 and D5plus. Thedifference between No.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ will be tell from thefollowing parts.


Aboutits design. Actually, design is basically remain unchanged. But ifyou look carefully, you can find some differences.

Lookat the back. In the center of D5 plus, we can see there are threepoints, but D5 only two points. That’s because D5 plus uses thesecond generation of heart rate, the test will be more accurate.


Lookat charging base, D5+ added a convex point, this makes the watch morefirmly bonded to the charging base.



AboutAntutu test. Look from the data, D5 Antutu test is just 10000+, butD5 plus Antutu test is 20000+, obviously D5 plus has higherconfiguration.

NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ smartwatch

Lookat the detail pictures, we can see the specific data.

NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ smartwatch

NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ smartwatch

NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ smartwatch

Comparethe parameters as follows.

Model NO.1 D5 NO.1 D5+
Product modeling Android Smartwatch Android Smartwatch
System Android 4.4 Android 5.1
Cpu MTK6572 MTK6580
Resolution 360 * 360 , 16 Millioncolor 360 * 360 , 16 Millioncolor
Wifi Support Support
Google Play Support Support

Wecan see that D5 with MTK6572, Android 4.4 ,512MB and 4GB memory. Butthe D5 plus with MTK6580 ,Android 5.1 ,1GB and 8GB memory. Therefore,D5 plus has higher configuration.

Moreinformation about D5 plus in official webpage: