The first multi-sport mode bracelet — NO.1 F4

NO.1 F4 is the first bracelet which supports multi sport mode.

This bracelet is built for sports. So what you need for sports, it all supports.

First, if you want to go out for running, hiking, cycling, the first thing you should know is the weather. You don’t want the bad weather to let you down, so you just need to lift your arm and take a glance at the bracelet, you can see the big weather icon. You can also know the UV, Temp, Air-pressure, these outdoor features, so you can go out without worrying the outside condition.

Second, as a fitness tracker, it is supposed to support heart rate, calorie, pedometer, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep monitor, these healthy functions. Whenever you need it, before exercises (resting), exercising (dynamic), after sports, you can measure your heart rate, the app will record the highest and the lowest data, you can check it in the Fundo Pro, the companion app for this bracelet.

Third, the multi-sport mode. You may wonder what is this so called multi-sport mode, how does it work. This multi-sport mode is achieved through a professional motion algorithm. As you know when you are in different kinds of sports, the calorie, distance, heart rate, these results are different. With many experiment/test, we got plenty of sports data, we used this and created an algorithm. So if you are gonna play table tennis, badminton, basketball, football or go swimming, mountaineering, cycling, running, choose the corresponding sports mode, and  with the algorithm, the results will be more accurate.

Last but not least, the IP68 waterproof and the detectable straps. You don’t need to worry about the sweat, rain, water anymore, after vigorous exercise, take off the straps and clean it. A better way to make the straps more durable.

For more details, please check this page.

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