The Latest Smart watch NO.1 G6 All Functions Show


In spite of having a round screen design, the NO. 1 G6 Smartwatch is packed with tech features for your iOS and Android smartphones. The design is one of those smartwatches that is comfortable to wear and aesthetically sound at the same time. The appearance is worth mentioning. Beacuse it has exquisite design.

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As you can see, NO.1 G6 has two black and silver colors. NO.1 has carefully selected 316L stainless steel. Hand-polished metal circular frame, Create a classic circular screen. Make the screen more exquisiter. The thickness only 9.9mm. Make more comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing. We also advanced resin material strap. It use two-color modling strap and more athletic style. NO.1 G6 has structure of perspiration groove on the back strap. Not afraid of sweat more.



The same as the NO.1 G5, NO.1 G6 has strong core. MTK2502 CPU processor and semiconductor high sensitivity gyroscope accelerator make work more smoothly. As the same time, the Bluetooth 4.0 of NO.1 G6 can be used as your smart assistant. NO.1 G6 can support IOS system and Android system smart phone. It can make your phone connect with smart watch more perfect.



Of course, NO.1 G6 1.2 inch IPS HD screen full circle can immediately grasp messages at a glance. It includes text messaging, Skype, Twitter, calls, news, reminder of update and so on. By a simple operation and easy response, make your work life easier.


Having said that, are you interested in this NO.1 G6 smart watch? More function of it, you can visit our webiste to learn more.–sport-smartwatch-126.html

However, you do not know the price. Maybe almost like the NO.1 G5? But the crafts is not the same. You can concern about our partner online shop. I believe you can find the answer. Of course, we will do pre-sale activities on our partner online shop. There will be an affordable price at that time. Any activities, we will announce on the Facebook page.