The rumors of Apple Watch Series 8 hovering over the market

There are a few months prior to Apple’s yearly convention, but a lot of rumors about its new products are hovering around the market. Apple Watch Series 8 would be the one gaining the most attention and expectation because of its predecessors’ good performance. Here are some rumors that seem authentic, let’s check them out.

Upgrade of sleep tracking

Apple announced its own native sleep tracking support in 2020, offering a reliable, but largely simplistic approach to monitoring your bedtime.

Last year, Apple Watch Series 7 introduced an ability to measure respiratory rate, which could be a metric that could help detect signs associated with sleep disorder sleep apnea. Although Apple didn’t say this feature was for medical use, the apple watch’s tracking stills became more reliable.

Apple had built a partnership with Beddit in 2017, a company specializing in sleep tracking, whose hardware was capable of capturing sleep duration, respiration rate, snoring, heart rate, bedroom humidity, and temperature. Today, you are no longer able to buy Beddit gadgets directly in the Apple store, which could mean the decline or even the termination of their cooperation. Apple is more likely to develop its own stills in sleep tracking. So the upgrade of sleep tracking in the Apple Watch Series 8 has a big chance.

Car crash detection

Apple is seeking to offer more ways its Watch could prove valuable in a potentially life-threatening scenario. According to an authentic insider, Apple seems to launch an evolution of its existing fall detection feature, which would be able to detect a car crash. Apparently, the feature would use the accelerometer motion sensor already baked into the Watch to measure a sudden spike in G-Force.

Information shared by an anonymous industry insider, Apple has already detected more than 10 million suspected vehicle impacts. Therefore, the feature of car crash detection does seem likely.

Enhanced Afib

Mark Gurman alleges that Series 8 will calculate what is known as ‘burden,’ or how often a person is in a state of atrial fibrillation across a certain period.

He doesn’t speculate on how this would be done – but it sounds close to the continuous ECG technology that Fitbit has just tested.

Mark Gurman is a tech reporter for Bloomberg who has a long history of accurate reporting on Apple’s product plans.

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