The second generation heart rate monitor in NO.1 G6

Significant Update! We have upgraded the heart rate monitor in G6.

After the 2.13.2017 as my post has published, you can buy the G6 with a second generation heart rate monitor. You can’t flash the old G6 firmware in your new G6, their firmware is not interchangeable.

How to tell the two versions of G6? Here I took two photos of the two versions.

In the pictures, you can see that in the heart rate monitor. There is obvious difference between the two versions.

In the second generation heart rate monitor you can see the chip directly, but the old version you can only see the three holes.

Check your G6 before you download the firmware in NO.1 official website. We’ll upload the new G6 firmware as soon as possible. You can’t flash the old firmware in your new G6!

I have uploaded two new G6 firmware. You can download it here.(We’ll upload to NO.1 official website later)

NO.1 G6 Firmware

Version B :

Languages: English (default), Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, SA_ Portugal, Russian, Turkish

Version C :

Languages: English (default), Polish, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Hebrew, Thai

Please use the new flash tool to do a wired flash.

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69 thoughts on “The second generation heart rate monitor in NO.1 G6”

  1. I didn’t read this post before I update my G6 firmware and I have 2nd generation heart rate monitor. Now my watch brick it only show No.1 logo then turn off. I’m waiting for your new firmware

    1. Sorry, we’ll upload the new firmware soon. Please check NO.1 official website. :/
      I just receive the firmware from our engineers.

      1. I already update new G6 version firmware above. Everything work fine I can boot my watch and I like it. Thank you very much Jon.

  2. Antonio Correia

    Hi! I love this watch!

    I received yestarday and i need some help to upgrade the firmware.
    I´ve used your instructions and firmware update tool but i have some errors. Can i send you some pictures of the error? Please tell me an contact email. Thank you

      1. Antonio Correia

        Hi Jon,
        first problem: i can´t install the FUNDO WEAR apk in my Galaxy S7! This makes me sad because without this app i cant control the activity, the sleep and all the features f the clock in my phone……is there another app that i can use?

        1. Hi, you need to uninstall the smartdevice app first. There is a compatibility issue between Fundo Wear and smartdevice.

  3. MARCOS B. F.

    I’m from Brazil and I bought NO.1 G6 and I can not receive whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and text messages notifications.
    I have a Motorola G4 Plus phone and have tried everything to try to work …
    can you help me?
    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Hi Marcos, download the smartdevice, pair up the two devices via Bluetooth, enable the notifications of apps. Then you’ll receive the notifications.

      1. Hello Jon …
        I have already tried to combine the two devices via Bluetooth with the applications “Mediatek Smartdevice”, “BT Notification”, “FundoWear” and with none of them I was able to receive notifications in the NO.1 G6 …
        It seems that the problem is with Motorola handsets because I tried on my wife’s cell phone that has a Samsung J7 and the notifications worked perfectly.
        What else could it be?!?

        1. Uninstall and reinstall the Smartdevice and remember to enable the notifications of the apps. Also erase the cache, reset the watch.

          1. I have already performed these procedures and I still continue with the problem!
            I can only receive SMS text messages and make phone calls.
            Would you have any suggestions for me to help?

          2. Did you try Fundo wear app? This app can also notify you. But you need to uninstall the Smartdevice first.

          3. I’ve tried the “Bottom Wear” and even other apps …
            I reset the cell phone to no avail. I also downgraded thinking that the problem was with Androi 7.0.
            I tried to update the firmware but I could not … I followed all the steps of the Tutorial, but the PC only identifies the NO.1 G6 when it is connected …
            I got to the point of loading all the files in Flash Toll and after that when I connect the NO.1 G6 off nothing happens … I am using Windows 7 Professional.
            Would it be that if I updated with another language would solve? Today I am using the firmware (20161017:
            Thank you again for your attention and help !!!

          4. Jon,
            I have now been able to update the firmware and with Windows 10!
            But I could not solve my problem …
            I’m still without notifications …

          5. I also figured the problem would be Android 7.0, but I downgraded to Marshmallow 6.0 and the problem continues …
            And I also tried with this application that you indicated and I could not receive the notifications …

          6. Did you install it successfully, because there is compatibility issue between the Fundo wear and smartdevice. Also in some cases, rooted phone will also infects the app compatibility. I received such comments before, but… Not long ago, the smartdevice has an useful update. Did you update it? There will be two mode, only one mode works well.

          7. I reinstalled “FundoWear” to test and now disconnects with smartwatch …
            Nor the SMS text messages I can receive now.
            Is there any special settings?
            What I did differently this time was to register my email.

          8. Hello Jon …
            I already solved the problem of “FundoWear” but even so, the notifications did not work. I uninstalled the app and now I’m back with “Mediatek SmartDevice” …
            No notifications so far either, only those I’ve reported previously.
            Any other suggestions?!?
            And why is it so slow for the Moderator to release my comments?
            Thank you, Marcos from Brazil.

          9. Sorry for the delay, but we also need weekend to relax. Once I see any comments I’ll approve them.
            And this is a compatibility issue, we are working on it. Please keep waiting. Once we have any progress,we’ll inform you immediately.

          1. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once we solve this issue, I’ll inform you as soon as possible.

          2. Hello Jon, how are you?
            I see that unfortunately we will not find a solution to my problem …
            I need you to guide me in acquiring another smartwach.
            I researched and liked the NO.1 D5 + and would like you to answer these questions before my purchase:
            1 – With NO.1 D5 I can install Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype on it and receive notifications normally without the need to connect with my cell phone, correct?
            2 – Can I leave the NO.1 D5 always connected with my Moto G4 Plus and make and receive calls from the mobile phone on the NO.1 D5, or only from the card inserted in the smartwach?
            3 – Will definitely solve my problem of notifications?!?
            Thanks again for your great help, Jon!

          3. Hi Marcos, I’m fine and thanks. Unfortunately, we can’t figure out what is going wrong. We also received other feedback about the watch with LG phone,but…
            And about the NO.1 D5+. 1, Yes, you can install these apps, but Messenger will not work. And you’ll receive notifications without connecting your phone.
            2, Nope, all Android smartwatches don’t support this feature, you can’t make/answer calls without sim card inserted.
            3, I’m not sure, you know, this maybe your phone’s issue, although D5+ supports notifications but… You can follow NO.1 Facebook/Google+. You can post your question there, maybe some D5+ users also have a Moto G4 Plus. Hope it helps.

  4. Hi i just received my new G6 smartwatch 2nd generation heer in Greece
    Can i upgrade the firmware for greek language ?
    I dont see any update jet…!

  5. My g6 (2nd generation) keeps disconnecting and reconnecting almost immediately with my LG phone. This is very annoying. Any ideas?

        1. Did you install any companion app to help it connects to your phone? Fundo smartdevice or Fundo wear app.

          1. Yes i have tried all 3 of them with the exact same results.In the sms app i get a message that it failed to sync with phone and it asks me to retry manually.I press retry and then all is good for about a minute.I then get a disconnected message and immediately reconnects but without syncing!I ve tried everything and from what i see you must put your efforts on the software part of your smartwatches!

          2. Hi Dimitris,
            I received a solution from Mr Ticks. Here is how he solved this issue.
            For those who are experiencing bluetooth disconnecting problems. I was losing connection nearly every 2-3 minutes.
            Solution: First download and install Mediatek Smartdevice app from the google/IOS store.
            From the settings menu on the watch(BT setting) turn on bluetooth. Then turn on your mobile phone bluetooth but dont pick the watch from there, just close the bluetooth dialog box. Open Mediatek Smartdevice app and tap the square icon written MEDIATEK inside and choose your watch name from there. Thats all! I havent met any connection problem ever since 🙂
            Thanks for Mr. Ticks’ kindly help.

  6. Ciao Jon, ho acquistato un n1 g6 seconda generazione, funziona tutto ok vorrei aggiornare il firmware, ho scaricato la versione N03D_V1_NB3_NO1_B_17022017757, ho cercato di installare prima i driver ma appena avvio l’app mi da errore FAIL TO INSTALL USB DRIVER FOR WINDOWS.
    Uso windows 10 ma allora tutta la procedura deve essere fatta con windows 7?
    Inoltre lanciando il FLASH TOOL e caricando il file config da errore nella riga error TS_ROM3, perche?
    sono errori dovuti a windows 10?
    grazie per la tua risposta.

    1. Ciao Claudio, how to update your watch with the latest firmware and how to install drivers on windows 10. You can read this tutorial, you can also find the tutorial below to install drivers on windows 10.
      And about the TS_ROM 3 error, it is the flash tool issue. I’ve upload a new one,this one works for all mtk 2502. So you can use this for firmware update.

      1. Grazie jon risolto era un problema sulla versione dell’aggiornamento ora funziona di nuovo tutto.

  7. I am the owner of the G6. I’m happy with the watch. When a contact stored on the mobile phone beeps, it only shows the number and not the contact name. Can I correct this?

    1. Hi Giorgos, do you mean after contact synchronization the watch can display the contact name? Which language do you use?

      1. When my contact is dialed, only the number is displayed without displaying the contact’s name. I have upgraded version D and I use the Greek language.

        1. Hi Giorgos, we’ve tested several language, the watch will display the incoming callers name. Did you try to rename a contact to test if it is your language has special characters?

  8. Hi Jon,

    I recently bought a G6 (second generation) but am receiving duplicate notifications. For example, if I receive a notification and read it on the watch its fine. When a second one comes through, both the new and old one comes to the watch. This happens even if I have dismissed the notification on my phone.

    I am using the mediatek app on my Android 6.0 phone. All is working fine, just the duplicate or repeating notifications are a huge problem.

    Please assist

    1. Hi Polo, you should read all the notifications, and if no next notice appears, it will be displayed again.

  9. Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to direct the notification about the call to my watch but to have the sound directed to the phone and not to the watch speaker. Is there a way? If i disable phone sound in bluetooth settings on my phone, the watch disconnects. Can you help?

  10. Ursula Prinsloo

    Hi there, my G6 wont sync my contacts, it says something about allowing with a pop up on my phone but I dont get any pop up on my phone 🙁
    Please help

    Also, how do I select to answer calls on my phone?…currently I can only answer on the watch and some calls are private and I rather speak on my phone

    1. Hi Ursula, you need to install Fundo wear on your phone. And after installation, you need to allow it visit your contacts and messages etc. So that it can syn contacts to your watch.(of course you need to pair up them)

      How to answer calls on your phone, you can choose the speaker on your phone.

  11. Hey, i have a G6 with old heart rate monitor (with three dots)..Can i update my G6 firmware to new version?

      1. That’s Sad 🙁
        It there a way to remove some pre-installed watch faces to free-up some memory so that more new watch faces can be added?

  12. Meu Smartwatch é G6 com firmware N03D_NB3_NO1_B_161220 está em Português do Brasil, pela foto é a Segunda Geração, ele está atualizado ou como eu faço para atualizar ele e qual seria a versão correta ?

      1. Qual é a Versão de arquivo executável eu devo usar ? E como eu devo usar ela no Windows 7 Home basic ?

          1. Apos a atualização ele passou a bateria passou a durar menos de 12 Horas sem o Bluetooth Ligado, isso é normal ?

          2. Desculpa, mas eu esqueci de perguntar, mas o Smartwatch G6 tem que estar desligado na atualização do Flashtool até instalar ou ligar ele tem que ligar ele ?
            Pois quando eu atualizei ele só começou a atualizar quando eu ligue ele, mas quando eu liguei ele no computador eu ligue ele desligado.

          3. Yes, you need to turn off the watch, I posted the tutorial over 1,000 times, please take a minute to read it. 😐

  13. Pitfall 2609

    Good morning, I have a no1 g6 second generation and I would like to know if the new firmware solved a problem if I receive a notification after display turn off, the notifications desapearing. Do you have any tip for this?

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