The world’s first CDMA wrist phone

Inspired by wrist-worn communicators seen in sci-fi flicks, Samsung announced the SPH-WP10 in March 1999 as being the world’s first CDMA watch phone as well as the smallest and lightest wireless terminal available to date.



The first watch phone, obviously, you can see there is a speaker, buttons, an antenna, these hardware. Digital LCD display with the time, date, battery level and the signal indicator on it. The battery life supports 90 mins phone calls. This is the first attempt to develop the watch phone, it is a phone more than a watch, but ignore the weird appearance there are some worthy of attention.

The removable straps, the antenna is not built-in the straps, although it is  sticking out of its side, after 20 years, we’ll find a place for the antennas, releasing the straps, so that you can use your favorite one for your watch.

The voice command, this watch supports voice command you can call a certain man by voice. We need to keep working on the Google Voice, we can not only call a person, but also google, navigation, turn on the apps, etc. Some of the Android watches support these features, but sometimes it is not smart/intelligent enough.

The metal frame, as you know, most of Chinese watch phones are not rugged enough. IMHO, the smartwatch manufacturers should take more concern for the durable. Not only the shock resistant, scratch resistant, but also water resistant. I think water resistant is very important for a watch. We should keep on working to develop a really waterproof smartwatch.

The CDMA network, the 4G LTE is needed for a smartwatch. We’re working on this, but not that fast to release. This technology requires heavy workload and we still have many projects right now.

It is a pity that Samsung will no longer develop watch phone. But NO.1 will keep on working to release a best watch phone.

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