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If you have some thing improve smartwatch user experience, skills and interest DIY in our NO.1 smartwatch(android or not android), please contact us below.  if your article have been used to post in this webpage, we will pay some fees to you. hope every one can join platform grown up. 

After sale service problem Or Question about NO.1 Smartwatch, please email to sale@001phone.cn, not here.

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  1. Hi jon, i like many other smart watch owners love the fact that we can put diffrent faces on our watches,be that android or vxp. I have a g3+ that uses vxp faces but u hear the creators of faces have limitations on creating faces that have date and other functions on the watch face,how does no1 create the faces that they ship with the watch to have all the stuff but we cant create it our selfs? Sorry if its not the right place to ask

    1. Hi Alex, the stock watchface is coded in the firmware, all the widgets are also coded in the firmware. I also don’t know how to create these in VXP face.

  2. Jon, please help me !!!!
    I bought a G8 smartwatch, but I can not connect it to the PC (win 8.1) to upgrade the firmware. So for me it is not possible to add new watchfaces (the default ones are really bad). I’ve tried them all, even downloading the drivers. But nothing. Please answer mail.

  3. Hi. I am Thomas from germany and get my No.1 F5 today.
    It seems that the watch could be a great one, but currently the watch has some things, i do not like.
    The first problem is the display.
    In the menu i can change brighness between 1 to 3, but the brighness do not change!
    Second, the display is not readable outside…
    When i run outside, than i cannot read the display anymore …
    And third, it should be possible to permant turn on the display.
    Currently i cannot use the watch cause of the display problem….
    I hope you fix it with the next firmware.
    After that i can test the real live data e.g. pace when i run.
    Thank you and i hope that you understand my problem.
    Hope these display problems will not be the same with the upcoming No.1 G9. I wait for these watch so long 😉
    Greetings from germany

    1. Hello Thomas, thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the inconvenience. The brightness of the display, we tried many methods to make it brighter and as you see still no any progress. 🙁 But I know that G9, the brightness of its display will not the same as the F5. And hopefully we’ll release it in the first season.

      1. Hi, thank you for your relpy. Its a pity, but its ok. So i have to wait until the G9 comes out. Meanwhile i will sell my F5 and have to use my old Epson SF810 again. Maybe you know the Epson watch or have a look at that watch. The Epson has a perfect display. No.1 F5 with Epson display. That maybe will be a perfect watch 😉

        1. Epson watch? I did not hear something about this, but I’ll google it. Thanks for your suggestion. 🙂

  4. Hi i just bought g8,would like to ask how to enable the autowake up display function? For now i have to press button to turn on the watch disolay

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