Top 10 Smart Watches Worth Buying in 2021

Nowadays, the watch carries not only the function of time, but it can also do more things. Smartwatches are full of functions and have become intimate assistants for many users’ lives. Therefore, if you want to connect to this online world at any time, then smartwatches are your must-have new technological products. Today, the editor of DTNO. I will take you to find out the TOP 10 smartwatches worth buying in 2021, don’t miss out on these great tips.

1.Huawei Watch

The innovation of Huawei watches lies in the integration of smart technology with classic Swiss watch design concepts. This stylish and sophisticated smartwatch has a sleek 1.4-inch full-screen display that can be connected to the world when worn on the wrist. You can choose from a variety of pre-installed custom dials and easy-to-replace straps to customize the style you like. In terms of functions, Huawei watches provide notification previews about calls, text messages and apps. It is also an accurate fitness tracker with optimized heart rate monitoring functions.

Huawei SmartWatch 

2. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit is known for its outstanding health intelligence, and Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is one of the best watches of the brand. Besides basic functions of recording exercise tracks, Blaze is also a stylish smart watch. This watch has many top features, such as call receiving, SMS and calendar reminders, music control and silent reminders. When exercising, Blaze also provides users with a variety of exercise modes, heart rate monitoring, GPS track tracking, exercise screens, and more.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

3. Samsung Gear S3 Classic

With Samsung Gear S3 Classic, you will never miss any SMS, email, and other APP reminders. By linking Bluetooth, notifications and information can be transmitted directly from the mobile phone to the wrist. With the built-in speaker and microphone, you can also make and receive calls hands-free. You also don’t need to take out your wallet, because Gear S3 allows you to use Samsung Pay almost anywhere. Track tracking and built-in military-grade GPS are also the highlights of this smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

 4.DT35+ Smart Watch

This new DT35+ model, launched by DTNO.I, has the latest watch face replacement feature favored by young people, Bluetooth calling, information viewing, phone book/call history and other convenient functions, as well as intimate Bluetooth music, remote photography, and screen reminder light. Bright screen and sedentary reminder + drinking reminder function, heart rate + blood pressure + blood oxygen monitoring function are must, watch face customization and payment functions are also the most hottest functions.

 DT35+ Smart Watch

5. Polar M600Polar M600 Sports Smartwatch

The Polar M600 sports smartwatch is Polar’s first sports-optimized smartwatch. The device is supported by Android Wear, has wrist-based heart rate monitoring and integrated GPS. Its design also includes 24/7 fitness tracking and smart coaching functions, which means it can help you achieve your health and fitness goals while staying in touch with your friends.

Polar M600Polar M600 Sports Smartwatch

6. Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch

With this Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch, you can live a more convenient and interconnected technological life. This watch has many useful functions, even if your phone is out of power, you will not miss any message. From playing music to how to hire a car online, you can use Ticwatch 2 to complete it.

Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch

7. ASUS ZenWatch 3

Asus ZenWatch 3 is bound to redefine smart watches. Its advanced technology is surprising, and also its craftsmanship is undeniable. Therefore, while ensuring a stylish design, this high-end smartwatch has no shortage of smartwatch functions. Whether it is news from friends, weather updates or your daily work, ZenWatch 3 can provide you with all the knowledge you need to make your schedule more convenient.

ASUS ZenWatch 3

8. Fossil Q Crew Master

Fossil Q Crew Master has the functions of a smart watch and all the stylish aesthetics of a regular watch. So if you want a smartwatch that looks more refined than a sporty one, then this is the watch you want. Thanks to the hybrid design, the Q Crewmaster is powered by a button battery and does not need to be recharged, which means you can stay online 24/7. Whether you want to count your steps, wait for an important call or want to capture the perfect selfie at any time, this smart smartwatch will not let you down.。

Fossil Q Crew Master 

9. Apple Watch Series 4

Have you ever wanted to browse the apps and functions of your iPhone without taking them out of your pocket or bag? Your Apple mobile phone definitely needs an Apple Watch Series 4 smart watch. This lightweight device worn on your wrist allows you to know the notifications and messages in your phone at a glance. The built-in GPS also allows you to navigate and record accurate exercise data without a mobile phone. In this way, you can walk, run or ride a bike freely without setting up.

Apple Watch Series 4

10. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS

Whether you are running, walking, cycling, swimming, golfing or skiing, Garmin Vivoactive HR will enable you to benefit a lot from sports. This GPS smart watch has heart rate monitoring technology that can monitor your pulse 24/7 through your wrist and evaluate your consumption during exercise. In addition, this touch screen watch also has a built-in activity tracker that can count steps and measure calories as well as smart notifications (such as calls, text messages, emails and social media). 

  Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS