Top downloaded watch faces in November

Last month we have many uploads, such as cartoon or minimalist.Thank you for all these beautiful watch faces. And I have summed up all the watch faces which meet the contest requirement. Here are the top downloaded watch faces in November. Please move your finger to vote for your favorite watch face to help the creators win a free gift.
Here we go

Top Downloaded VXP Watch Faces in November

[poll id=”17″]

Top Downloaded Android watch faces in November

[poll id=”18″]

The poll will last a week.

Thanks again for all these beautiful watch faces and your vote!

4 thoughts on “Top downloaded watch faces in November”

    1. watchfaceup was suspended, we will announce winners as soon as We get the website back and manage it

    1. I don’t know the winners now, because we don’t have access to data base right now

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