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A Combination of Tradition and Fortitude:DT3 Pro Smartwatch

  Smartwatches are versatile wearable devices that can do just about anything, but the best cheap smartwatches can accomplish many of the same feats as their pricier rivals without breaking the bank. Most reasonably priced smartwatches have features like fitness tracking and smartphone notifications, though some smart features, like LTE connectivity, may not work. Still, it’s not impossible to find other top features, including music storage and NFC payments.   A speaker and microphone combination makes Voice Assistant accessible with a simple voice prompt and allows for convenient smart home device control and Bluetooth calling when your (Android) phone is near. The most easiest way to achieve Connectivity is, definitely the Bluetooth. If you want a feature-rich smartwatch that blends in with your lifestyle, the DT3 Pro from DTNO.I, combines traditional timepiece looks with innovative wearable tech. The professional wearable chip compatible with both iOS and Android, but Android users will feel right at home with this device—and experience full functionality.   In addition to connected features, this watch includes sensor technology to support activity tracking, including swimming, workouts, and sleep. Personalization is also easy, thanks to thousands of watch faces to choose from. The DT3 Pro also has enough memory to support your favorite contacts and productivity apps from the WearPro store. For detailed fitness data, an alternate app could be preferable since metrics are limited in the WearPro app.   And while there are several battery modes that can help extend battery life, the use of smart features diminishes the battery after about one day. Luckily, this watch features

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