Watchfaceup Contest in April

Hello, May Day. We all had a short vacation to celebrate the international Labour Day, wish you have a good start in May.

And as the previous, I summarized the watch faces that meet the requirements. And here they are.

Please move your fingers to select the winner. 🙂

Top downloaded Android watchfaces in April.

top downloaded Android watchfaces

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Top downloaded VXP watchfaces in April

top downloaded VXP watchfaces

[poll id=”5″]

The poll will not end, but I’ll announce the result next Friday. 🙂

Also, I’ll open the new contest soon, so you can upload your new watchfaces to join in the May contest.

Thank you for your vote. Thanks for all these nice watchfaces, now we have our winners. On May 12, 15:15 pm, GMT+8, the VXP watchface winner is Kuasanagui’s Ironman Interface. And the Android category, the most downloaded watchfaces is OMEGA Speedmaster – Dark Side Of The Moon – Apollo 8 created by J.Hessinger, but according to the Rule 5, J.Hessinger is the last month winner, so we’ll give the prize to vmv105.

Kuasanagui will get a F7 as the prize and vmv105 will get a F4 as the prize.

J.Hessinger will get a 40% off discount and we’ll also provide 4 psc 30% OFF discount for the creators anyone who need it. 🙂

Feel free to contact me. The coupon will be available on DTNO.I Smartwatch Store.