Watchfaceup contest in August

Attention Please! August watchfaceup contest has come to an end! We tried to bring you something new and useful, we add 2 new categories. Hope you like the new rules.

So you have picked up the winners, we have 4 winners who get a free product. The most downloaded VXP face is Kyrnath — TAG Heuer Connected Modular Black 1


And the most downloaded Android watchface is Al Rod — No1 Diesel AR


They will get a Gs8 as the prize. And the DTNO.I Logo watchface which reaches the 400 downloads is Sinful — Like a bubble


The Android category is Smith 001 – Wsrotate

(As I said before everyone can only get one watch per contest)

And the other new category is the straps, here is the list who uploaded more than 5 watchfaces; Smith, RustyRayen,vmv105, DegortG, Master Mendes, Sinful96,ikuzan_z, Kyrnath, Al Rod, AlexSadov.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for creating this nice watchface for us. Thanks for doing the requests for us. Hope everyone enjoy this contest. We’ll contact you soon, and please stay tuned for this site, we’ll release the new contest soon.

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