Watchfaceup contest in June

The FIFA World Cup, this great event is now in full swing. Which one is your favorite team? Which team will become the champion? You can join in the discussion and win a watch here.

This month we have totally 180 uploads, thank you for sharing these beautiful watch faces with us. I have summarized all the dials that meet the requirements.

Top downloaded Android watchfaces in July, make your vote to help the creator win the prize.

[poll id=”9″]

Top downloaded VXP watchfaces in July, make your vote to help the creator win the prize.

[poll id=”10″]

This poll will last a week, please don’t use any method to deceive us. We’ll select the ribbon winners randomly. Please wait for our updates.

Thanks for your vote, now we have our winners.

The watchfaceup contest in June, the winner of the Android category, it is the Number 2, Parmigiani created by vmv105. He will win a F13 as the prize. And the winner of VXP category, it is the Number 4, Tag Heuer Carrera Time Machine Nendo created by Master Mendes. But according to the Rule 5, the winner will pass to Kuasanagui, He will win a F4 Colorful as the prize.

And we’ll also choose 30 subscribers and send them a ribbon with their favorite team.

2 thoughts on “Watchfaceup contest in June”

  1. Hello
    I have a doubt, in the June contest, MasterMendes did not win in the VXP category because he won in the May contest. So you say that Kuasangui (me) is the winner. but in the faces that participated, no mine appears. Then … If I win? or not?
    If so, to send you my address to send the F4.

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