Watchfaceup Contest in March

Happy Easter! Did you have some traditional Easter foods? Or make some Easter egg decoration? Enjoy your vacations!

Last month, we added a new rule in the watchface contest. Our purpose is to provide an option to let the users select their favorite watchfaces, the winners. A chance the users can help the creators to win the prize.

OK, I summed up all the creators who meet the requirements. And here they are.

1.The VXP watchfaces categoryVXP watchfaces

[poll id=”3″]

2. The Android watchfaces category

Android watchfaces

[poll id=”4″]

Voting will continue for one week, please click and vote for your favorite one to help the creators to win the prize. Thanks.

Thanks for your voting. Thanks for all the nice watchfaces. Now we have the winners. On April 9, 18:00 right now, the VXP watchface winner is Gear S3 Frontier created by Morais, the Android category winner is TAGHEUER Monaco mikrograph created by J.Hessinger.

And Morais will get a S9 as the prize and J.Hessinger will get a F6 as the prize. Congratulations!

The one who uploaded most watchfaces is Master Mendes, he will get a 40% off coupon. And vmv105J.HessingerJNascimentoAlexSadov (Original faces only) will get 30% off coupon.

The coupon will be available here. KKtick Official Store (You can only buy the NO.1 products. 🙂 )


I’ll open the new contest soon. Please stay tuned.