Watchfaceup contest in May

Happy Children’s Day! It the ONU’s Children’s Day. This is a good time for family unity, wish you and your family have a good health.

This month we have over 150 uploads. Thanks, thanks for all these beautiful watchfaces.

I have summed up all the watch faces which meet the requirement. Here they are.

Top downloaded Android watchfaces in May, vote for your favorite.

[poll id=”7″]

Top downloaded VXP watchfaces in May, vote for your favorite.

[poll id=”8″]

The poll will last a week, and about the watchface for FIFA category, we’ll announce the winner together. 🙂

And we’ll provide 5 coupons code for all the watchfaceup users, not only the creators, but anyone who need it. Only the first 5 could use it. The coupon code is JONMAY30, it is a 30% OFF coupon, it will be available at DTNO.I Official Store.

The coupon will be expired on 6.30. 🙂

I’ll post the contest rules soon, please stay tuned.

Thank You For your votes.

Now we have our winners. The winner of the Android category is J.Hessinger. He will get the F4 as the prize. The winner of the VXP category is Morais. He will get the F7 as the prize. And the winner of the FIFA watchface category is Master Mendes. He will get a F6 as the prize.

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