What functions of NO.1 F1 SmartBand or Mi Band 2 APP?

NO.1 F1 SmartBand better than MIBand 2? For starters, it has an enormous battery. With 230mAh and 100 days of standby time, it certainly beats the Mi Band 2 in this department. Secondly, the Smartband F1 comes with an IP68 certification. This means it can be submerged to greater depth than the Mi Band 2 and still be functional. Quite important feature for those who often like to swim. Thirdly, it has a dynamic heart rate monitor instead of the static heart rate monitor on the Mi Band.


As you would expect, you get all the basic functions such as step, distance and calorie counting, sleep monitoring and reminders to move. There are also basic notification functions to alert you to calls and messages.

Now, to the rest of its features. Of course, it has all the standard functions for a wearable. Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder as well as notification function so that you never miss a call or SMS. It works with both Android and iOS and devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. Naturally, it has its own dedicated smartphone app to record your activities. Its display is a 0.91″ AMOLED display.


There is, of course, an accompanying smartphone app that will give you a detailed breakdown of your data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. What functions of NO.1 F1 SmartBand APP or MiBand 2?

At the first, we need to install APP on Phone. Scan the OR code or enter the applicaiton market to download. The system requirements is Android 4.4 and above and IOS 7 and above. The phone supports for Bluetooth 4.0. Next, connect the APP. When band  connects the phone successfully, APP will automatically save Bluetooth address. Manully syncs data by pull-down under Sports, Sleep and Heart Rate interfaces. NO.1 F1 can save seven days offline-data.

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Please set personal information firs after entering APP, Setting-Personal Settings. Editing your portrait, gernder, age, height and weight included to increase data accuracy. Plan a daily exercise goal and a feasible plan links to a health body.


NO.1 F1 APP there will be more data analysis. This allows us to more clearly see their own health campaign. More photo as below. We can see the path of walking every day. The Sport details including Today-Week-Month data analysis. There will be a specific time data analysis APP above. At the same time, there will be a week walking data. There is also a larger range of one-month data. Make it your real health assistant. You will benefit a lot.



Coincidentally, NO.1 F1 APP will have sleep monitoring data and heart rate monitoring data. We can measure your heart rate health at any moment. It including Yesterday-Today data analysis. The Sleep monitor as the same as Sport. It has Day-Week-Month Sleep data analysis. The Today data including deep sleep, light sleep, awake and quality data.

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According to the APP, we can know that NO.1 F1 record walking steps, distance, burned and rating. We can do according to their own physical fitness for health monitoring. The Sleep interface has deep sleep time, light sleep time and awake time. It can detect our sleep quality. NO.1 F1 is dynamic heart rate monitor. So you can see a more accurate heart rate on the APP. How about Mi Band 2 app? I think Mi Band 2 interfaces is not particularly clear.

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All the smart wear products, certainly does not lack the function of information reminder. NO.1 F1 APP have Call, QQ, WeChat, SMS and more APP reminders. We can setting Sedentary reminder time, Alarm and Display limit. Only our smart phone connect the NO.1 F1, we can find bland any time. It can detecte new verison firmware. Of course, we also can synchronize Apple Health. It is worth mentioning that, NO.1 F1 APP has function of Shake to Take Selfie.

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Compared to NO.1 F1, Mi Band 2 APP “MiFit” looks more complicated. Mi Band also have incoming call remind, Alarm, Sedentary reminder an so on. Another function about Mi Band 2 app, it can see the remaining charge.

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No.1 has uploaded a comparison video between Smartband F1 and the Mi Band 2 which you can watch below. More information is available on the official product page.  https://chinawatchs.com/product-no-1-smartband-f1-127.html


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