What industries can be transformed by smart wearable devices?

With the evolution of technology, people tend to use smaller, portable gadgets to serve their lives, especially smart wearable devices. Because of the benefits smart wearable devices bring us, they have gained tremendous popularity all around the globe and definitely will change people’s lives. Here’s the question, what industries can be transformed by smart wearable devices?

1. Gaming Industry

Although the gaming industry has already benefited from devices that can work to improve online gaming, such as headsets and microphones, casinos and gaming sites can jump in on the action by upgrading their offering of mobile casino applications that are compatible with the latest wearable tech. Apps may become available on the newest smartwatch rather than just smartphones.

2. Healthcare industry

It could be an exceptionally valuable and even life-saving ability that doctors and nurses can receive data on patients in real-time. A number of wearable tech devices are already in use to send immediate data about a patient’s condition. Some examples include:

1. In case elderly people forget to take their medications, a wearable can notify them about what and when the medications need to be taken.

2. A smartwatch specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s. It transmits data to doctors who can use the data to create personalized care.

3. A smart wearable device designed for people with respiratory illnesses can detect poor air quality in residential areas

3. Fitness Industry

The fitness industry may be the most obvious industry to be benefited from smart wearable devices. There are many smart wearable devices that are capable of tracking performance in a wide range of sports, most of which are connected to the internet and apps to create a form of competition. More elite teams use the data to prevent injuries. The Wearable tech can notify coaches when players are working at their maximum and when pushing further would cause harm.

4. Insurance Industry

As the healthcare industry adopts more wearable tech, health insurance companies follow the step. More insurers give their clients free fitness trackers to prove their lifestyle and reward clients with cheaper insurance for living a healthier life, such as getting more sleep and exercising regularly.

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