what is the difference between tethering watch and smartband?

As the development of the wearable, smartband and smartwatch have a hug upgrade. Not only the machinery but the functions, both become more and more delicate and full functioning.

Out looking. Smartband is always made as a bracelet and tethering watch is made as a watch.Although both of them have changeable strap, watch has a steel strap which makes it looks more high-end.



And then the display which is the most different thing. You could install beautiful watchface in a tethering watch, but you could only have one stock display on F1. That is the big limitation of a  smartband. Otherwise changeable watchface is the most pleasing thing which makes the watch more beautiful. For guys who love changeable watchface, you shouldn’t miss this one.


As the development of the smartband, smartband is not just a bracelet any more, it is not only a activity tracker. With a little Display, it could show the notifications, the pedometer, heart rate, etc. And so does a tethering watch do. For daily usage, these wearable are interchangeable. But when we look into this G6, you can  see some useful apps, like the Calculator, Calendar, remote music and camera. And the most pleasing setting is the auto-wake motion. It is so convenient, we could turn over wrist to glance the time without pressing the button to awake it. With these convenient motion and apps, you would find life easier.

what's the different between smartband and tethering watch


Both these watch could show the contact name, but some of bracelets is 3-digits display which could not full display the contact name. That is also a limitation of the bracelet. Fortunately, F1 0.91 inch screen is big enough to display the whole contact name and phone number. But for message, you can’t read the entire message as the G6 does.



Then what is the strong point of the fitness tracker? The important features which a tethering watch could not support are portable, long battery life, IP68 waterproof. You don’t need to worry about the battery life, you could wear it for running, swimming, diving. That is what a smartband should be, track your daily exercise, remind you time for sports, keep a healthy life.

what's the different between smartband and tethering watch

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