Whether Smartwatch is Useful or Not?

Whether smartwatch is useful or not? It has always been a controversial issue. However, this does not affect the rapid development of it. Relying on its powerful functions, still attracted many digital products enthusiasts.

Compared to traditional watch, in addition to view the date, clock, timer and other basic functions, smartwatch can also see the weather forecast, report the day’s air quality index and so on information that closely related to daily life. Furthermore alarm clock, stopwatch these traditional watch standard, of course, smartwatch also has, and all this just raised his wrist that is able to see, it’s convenient to be clear at a glance.m



Connect the phone through the network, it is an important function to extend smartwatch. Smartwatch currently on the market can be roughly divided into two types. One is without a call function: it relying on the smartphone and realize multi-function, can be synchronous operation for telephone, messages, email, photos and music, etc., such as Apple Watch, after connected with iPhone, also provide check and reply, Siri and so on functions. Another more powerful, with call function: supports insert SIM card, is essentially a smartphone in the form of watch, most of the markets using the Android system.


Built-in health monitoring function of smartwatch to record one day of the user’s action data, with the watch’s processing chip, it can accurately analyze fat burning condition and health index, provide reference data for bodybuilders, help get rid of sub-health state. Some specific smartwatches are also monitoring the movement environment conditions, such as altitude, direction, etc., help to better grasp the current environment.

All in all, the powerful features of smartwatch do not allow to ignore, but whether it is useful, it should be judged by the consumers themselves.


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