Who will occupy the dominant position in the future wearable market?

‘Motorola will not produce more smart watches’

‘Fitbit is going to buy Pebble’


Recently, such news have a huge impact on us. As the development of wearable industry, many companies have competed to gain our doll. Motorola, Fitbit, Pebble, these companies are the success one. The Motorola company said that they had no plan to develop more products of smartwatch, because the sales of these watches were not as the expectation. And they will not release new model in the next year.

Fitbit is buying smartwatch maker Pebble for an undisclosed amount. Pebble Time has gone. What would happen to Pebble devices? What does Pebble Time joining Fitbit mean to us? We could only imagine.

Why these successful manufacturers would meet such plight?

Because the wearable market is slowing down. Because the price of Android Wear is quite expensive for many people.

But with the progress of the times, wearing a smartwatch is a trend of intelligent life.

Fortunately, as Android watch development, smartwatch become much cheaper and affordable.We could enjoy the features that Android Wear could provide. We could get a more convenient user interface. You can install custom ROM, you can create watchface, you can install other launchers. All these make our watch more functional and beautiful.

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Who would occupy the dominant position of the wearable industry?

IMHO, Android watch would take the position!

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