Why can’t I receive app notifications? Here is the solution

As a gadget that would bring people convenience, smartwatches have so many practical features, and the app notification is one of them. However, some users have encountered some problems when they are using the feature of app notifications. Today I am going to teach you how to set up the function successfully.

First of all, users need to bind smartwatches to the app WearPro. Here are two videos that we commend you to watch to solve the binding errors.

  1. How to bind the watches from DT NO.1 to the app WearPro?
  2. Ways to easily solve the Bluetooth binding error by yourself

After binding the app successfully, there are a few steps users need to follow to set up the feature:

  1. Open the app WearPro, tap “Device” on the bottom bar => App notification =>Select all. To this state, you have opened all of the notifications of the apps on the list and of some other apps.

2. Go to the settings of your smartphone. Find out the apps you want to receive notifications on your watch. Here I will take the app Viber as an example to show you how to do the setting.

Open the settings of your smartphone

=> tap “notification” 

=> open the notification settings of the app you want to receive notifications on your watch

=> switch on the button of “Allow notification” 

=> on AlERTS, you must choose “Notification Center”, or you won’t receive notifications on your watch

=> on Show Previews, you must choose the options of Always (Default) or When Unlocked for receiving notifications successfully.

After the completion of the steps I mentioned above, you are able to enjoy the function of app notifications already!

If you are interested in the smartwatches from DTNO.1 or its services, please send them an email (info@dtno1.com) for more information that could boost your smartwatch business.

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