Why DT NO.1 is the best choice for your smartwatch business

Smartwatches have successfully penetrated into people’s lives and established an enormous market tempting businessmen all around the globe. According to an authentic source, the global smartwatch market is expected to reach 230. 30 million units by 2026, registering a CAGR of 21. 98% during the forecast period (2021-2026).

The boldest businessman Elon Musk recently twitted,”It is an electronics/mechanical/software engineering problem for the Neuralink device that is similar in complexity level to smartwatches (which are not easy!).” He’s looking for smartwatch employees and people that had worked on phones to come work for Neuralink.

As Musk said, smartwatches are not an easy science, with so many delicate sensors packed in a small case to provide people with tons of useful features. Not every smartwatch manufacturer can offer you high-quality products and services. If you are a rookie in the smartwatch industry, a reliable manufacturer can boost your smartwatch business in a short time.

DT NO.1 has been in the smartwatch industry for a decade and has grown into a leading brand. Here are the six reasons why DT NO.1 is your best choice to step into the smartwatch business.

1. Powerful R&D team

As an innovation-oriented company, DTNO.1 has a solid foundation of the R&D team with about 300 engineers and has gained more than 150 invention patents and technology patents at home and abroad. With the strong propulsion provided by the powerful R&D team, DTNO.1 is an all-round player combining abilities in designation and production of chips, motherboards, HD screens, appearance, etc. DT NO.1 persists in self-developed chips and screens, pushing the high-quality development of the intelligent industry.

2. Comprehensive OEM&ODM services

Staffs in DT NO.1 have high loyalty, most of them have been growing with the company along the way and accumulated abundant experience in customers’ needs. Therefore, DT NO.1 can provide professional and knowledgeable OEM&ODM services to our customers. DTNO.1 works with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, bringing customers in-depth technical and product experience from demands confirmation, and solutions planning to prototype design, and front-end to back-end development.

3. Stable supply chain

With a leading status in the smartwatch industry, DT NO.1 has drawn many top suppliers to partner with us, which secures the company with a stable supply chain. Even in the difficulties of the pandemic outbreak, DT NO.1 can sustain its stable supply chain and promise production in time for our dear customers.

4. High-quality mass production

DT NO.1 has gained millions of fans and users all around the globe, therefore the company receives so many production orders every year. To meet these production demands, DT NO.1 owns numbers of intelligent factories and has a stable monthly capability of 250,000pcs. Moreover, each smartwatch from DT NO.1 has to go through multiple testing procedures during an experiment, such as battery quality testing, multiple waterproof testing, constant temperature, static electricity and other testing processes. All products have attained 3C, CE, RoHS, Reach, UN38.3, FCC, UKCA, and other certifications.

5. Appearance design

DT NO.1 believes the first step of producing a successful smartwatch is the appearance design. On the path to exploring the art of wearable devices, DT NO.1 tries its best to master every expectation from customers, regardless of business style, leisure style, sports style, and women’s affordable luxury style, we customize smartwatches fit for customers’ aura by our understanding of beauty and expression of design ideology.

6. Shouldering social responsibility

A good business has to be valuable for the development of the whole human being and the society, which is the philosophy embraced by everyone in DTNO.1 leading the company to be dedicated to making the world a better place by producing budget but high-quality smart wearable devices. Moreover, DTNO.1 is enthusiastic about public welfare, helping people with difficulties and needs, and has joined dozens of donations as a reward to society.

DT NO.1 has a dream to bring more people high-quality smartwatches that most people can afford, letting everyone can enjoy wearable technology. DT NO.1 is always looking for proactive and highly-motivated distributors and agents for achieving great success altogether. If you are interested in doing business with DT NO.1 and our products, please email us(info@dtone.cc).

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